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Tons of Minecraft News

One of the biggest franchises in gaming right now is one that may surprise many gamers: Minecraft. Minecraft has reached millions of PC, Xbox 360 and (most recently) PS3 owners and new information has come out about the next generation console versions.

Mojang, creators of Minecraft and now billionaires, announced that the Xbox One version of their game is due to hit shelves/digital download in August. The better side of this news, however, is the pricing structure. For those who have not purchased the open-world, creative building game can grab the next gen edition for just $19.99. However, if you have already purchased the physical or digital copy of Minecraft on the Xbox 360, you can pick yours up for the low, low price of just $5…$5!!! That is an excellent deal and a very smart business move on Mojang’s part. Kudos!

Also announced was the launch of the game for the PS4 and the PS Vita. It appears that August will be a summer home buying month for the fellas at Mojang…since all three editions will launch at some point in the fall month. According to Mojang, the PS4 edition

Brings significantly bigger worlds and draw distance [and] will include all of the features from the most recent PS3 version

You will also be able to bring your saves from your Vita and PS3 editions but not vice versa…the PS4 version is too big to go backwards. Mojang also stated that the Vita version, which will be nearly identical to its current gen cousin, will be totally free if you already have the PS3 edition! Score! Otherwise you can get the Vita/PS3 bundle for $19.99. Either way, it’s a ton of entertainment for a very affordable price. You can also do the upgrade to the PS4 for $5.

The game saves crossing to the new platforms have already been announced but is still a very welcomed addition. There is also a Minecraft movie that is apparently in the works from Warner Bros. …because money. Look for some more Minecraft news (read: the podcast guys dressing as Creepers and whatnot) here at soon!


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