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Toymail Gives Parents a Cool New Way to Communicate

I recently came across a new Kickstarter campaign that caught my eye, not just as a lover of cool new tech, but also as a parent. If you’ve listened to the Free For All podcast at all you may have heard me mention my 4-year-old son, and some of my stories on how I’ve approached introducing him to everything from video games to tablets. Toymail is a really interesting hybrid between his world and mine, and something I think any of our readers out there who not only have children, but even young nephews, cousins, or any other rugrat close to you would find interesting.

toymailToymail is a two-way system, with the above Mailmen hanging out with your little one, and an iOS or Android app on the other end for you. All you have to do is record a message via the Toymail app, hit send, and the message it delivered to your kiddo’s Mailman. The Mailman, who will use the appropriate animal noise as an alert that there is a new message to listen to, will play the message back in either the unique voice of the character or in your voice. Once the message is received, a reply can be sent back right from the toy, to your phone. While this certainly won’t substitute for a full phone conversation, I think it could be really cool for just wanting to check in on someone, and I’m willing to bet my son could think up some interesting ways to use Toymail on a boring weekend afternoon.

Toymail 2

Downloading the app will get you 10 free stamps. These stamps are used every time a message is sent or received. This set off a few alarms with me at first, but you can pick up the virtual stamps in packs of 50 for a mere $.99, and considering that on a heavy week I can’t imagine sending more than 10 messages, this doesn’t seem too crazy. This seems as though it will be something that you’re going to use for specific things, not full on conversations with your little one.  You kid’s Mailman will also receive what Toymail calls the Daily Toymailer, a daily message they get every morning with a fun fact, song, or quote. It’s all set up to be a toy companion, but also work seamlessly to let your kid engage with you through the power of technology. It’s like text messaging…. only with voice… and for kids… ok, it’s not really that much like text messaging, but I still think it’s pretty cool!

As of this writing Toymail has raised just over $52,000 of its $60,000 funding goal, and has a mere six days to go. You can check it out yourself here. Stay tuned to Free For All for more news on Toymail and a possible review if we manage to get our hands on one, and as always let us know what you think in the comments below!


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