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Trailer and Release Date for The Wolf Among Us Season Finale Revealed

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Today Telltell Games gave us the release date and a trailer for The Wolf Among Us season finale, titled “Cry Wolf”. After a very long wait due to delays between episodes one and two, it seems we are being rewarded for our patience as the turnaround time between episodes four and five have been surprisingly quick. Hopefully they will follow suite with their other hit series, Walking Dead season 2. I have a feeling they are trying to wrap current seasons up so they can push their new upcoming game, Tales from the Borderlands. It will have a lot to live up to. The fantastic journey we have all been on with Clementine in Walking Dead is well documented, but the ride we have taken with Bigby Wolf and the rest of the Fables has been truly magical. I can’t wait to play, and luckily it won’t be long. The release dates are-

– Tuesday, July 8th – PC/Mac worldwide, Playstation North America

-Wednesday, July 9th – Xbox 360 worldwide, Playstation Europe

-Thursday, July 10th – iOS App Store worldwide


Check out the awesome trailer for Cry Wolf below!



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