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Twitter Adds “Mute” to Mobile App

If you’ve used Twitter’s free app on Android or iOS sadly you’ve been missing out on some of the features that third-party creators have included in their apps, for example the ability to “mute” users. The first time I heard that this was a feature that people liked and were willing to pay for, I was confused. I thought, “Why not just unfollow the person?”, but once I found out how people were using the feature it made a lot more sense.

Say someone that you follow on Twitter is attending a big event and they’re blowing up your feed by live-tweeting the whole thing. This may be something that you are interesting in reading, but it’s just as possible that you’d prefer to read coverage of the event in an article rather than one hundred and forty characters at a time. This is where the mute feature comes in.

Many high end paid apps on Android and iOS have sported this feature for a long time, some even having the ability to only mute a particular hashtag that’s bothering you. The update to Twitter’s app will add these features over time and is currently only adding the feature to a limited number of people so that they can work out the bugs before updating the app for everyone. This is great news for heavy Twitter users and helps to close the gap between the company’s free app and the more premium apps on the App Store and Google Play.

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