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Two Weeks of Steam Humble Bundles

Humble Bundles are the best, and for the next two weeks they’re going to be even better! Humble has teamed up with Steam to bring you a new bundle every 24 hours for the next two weeks. And these games aren’t just indie PC games either. The kickoff bundle includes Saints Row: The Third (includes full DLC), Risen 2, Metro 2033, and Sacred 2 Gold. There are some other titles that can be unlocked by paying more than the current average, but none worth mentioning. One thing that is worth a quick mention is that most of these games are Windows only, so double check compatibility before purchasing if you’re rocking a Mac or Linux system.

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Head on over to check out the bundle, and don’t forget to check back every day for the next two weeks to see what the new bundles are. After all, where else are you going to get this good of a deal on games and help some charities at the same time?

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