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Ubisoft Finally Announces the Watch Dogs Release Date

After delaying the game shortly before it’s scheduled release last October, Ubisoft has finally let us know that the Watch Dogs release date is May 27. Seven months is long time to wait for one of the most anticipated games of the year, but I feel it will be worth it. I would much rather have waited this long and gotten a better more complete game. First shown at E3 2012, the anticipation for this game has grown palpable. Watch Dogs will take place in a futuristic Chicago where the entire city is linked together and ran by the Central Operating System (ctOS), including all it’s residents. You will play as Aiden Pierce. A former thug and a brilliant hacker, Aiden is hellbent on bringing justice to the people that murdered his family and that are controlling his city. You will be able to hack into the ctOS from your smartphone and you will be able to recon literally everyone in the game and you can hack into ANY electronic device. It is certainly an ambitious game and has the potential to be absolutely groundbreaking. May 27 can’t get here fast enough.

Also released along with the announcement of the release date, we got a brand new story trailer and it’s the best one yet.


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