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Unprecedented and Shocking Result at the Producers Guild Awards

It’s the middle of awards season and we are rapidly speeding toward the main event in the Oscars. However there are many smaller awards events that don’t receive the public attention that the Oscars do, but are still very important in Hollywood and often act as a guideline in predicting who will win at the Oscars. The main two of the smaller events and the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and PGA (Producers Guild of America) awards. Things were really looking up for David O. Russel’s American Hustle as it swept all the major categories at the SAG awards. Then the Producers Guild Awards decided to shake things up. Not only did they go in a different direction, they went in two! In an unprecedented move, the award for best film was a tie! It went to both Gravity and 12 Years a Slave!


The PGA awards began in 1989 and are highly regarded among the Hollywood elite. In the past 14 years, 10 of their film of the year winners have gone on to win the same category at the Oscars. While the SAG has more members and therefor more total votes, they have more often gone off on their own with the winner, so the PGA winners have a bit more credit when it comes to predicting the Oscars. Only once, in 2006, did neither of the organizations’ winner end up winning the Oscar (They both chose Little Miss Sunshine which lost to The Departed at the Oscars). It is a highly competitive category this year, but this definitely sets these three films as the front-runners. I personally will be rooting for Spike Jonze’s Her to make a big upset, but if it comes down to these three, 12 Years a Slave stands above the rest. I wouldn’t be too upset if American Hustle takes home the prize, and while Gravity is a visual masterpiece, it just doesn’t come close to the other two as a complete film. Who will win? We are only weeks from finding out! One thing is for certain at the Oscars. There will be no tie!

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