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Valve Announces Steam Machines Prototype, Beta

Hot on the heels of their recently announced SteamOS, video game developer Valve has followed up on their promise of reveals all week long with the first official announcement of hardware, long since rumored to be called SteamBox.  On Valve’s official site, they confirmed that the hardware, now called Steam Machine, will see a 300 person beta by the end of 2013, and also stated that the SteamOS machines will be available from multiple manufacturers, provided they meet the proper specs set by the company.

A steam-powered machine has the potential to be massive, especially considering the newly announced OS that is custom fit for the hardware.  Fans wanting to enjoy the beta have some work to put in, and will have to do so soon, as 300 is an infinitesimal number when compared the overall Steam userbase.

To gain access to the Beta, fans will first have to have at least 10 Steam Friends, then log in to Steam before October 25 and access their Quest Page to see if they are eligible.  From there, they will need to join the Steam Universe Community Group, have a public Steam Community Profile and play at least one game via a controller and the existing Big Picture Mode.

That will earn you a Steam Badge which automatically enters you into the pool from which Valve will select it’s Beta participants.  A lot of work to do to become a possible tester, but with an opportunity like this, it should easily be worth your time.  This marks the second of three planned reveals from Valve this week, and it begs the question.  With two announcements of this magnitude, what could Valve possibly have planned for their final unveiling?  Many fans have been allowing their imaginations to run wild with the number 3, predicting anything from Portal 3 to Left 4 Dead 3 and the always speculated, insanely anticipated Half Life 3.

Stay tuned to Free4Geeks.com for the final unveiling from Valve later in the week, and for all updates on the Steam Machine Beta, which I’m sure I’m not qualified for, but that won’t stop me from trying to get in.

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