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Walking Dead Season 2 Release Date Announced


In a much anticipated move, Telltale Games has announced December 17th as the date for their newest release – The Walking Dead: Season 2.

The story is set to follow the events of the first season and the 400 Days DLC, only this time the story and gameplay will be centered around Clementine. And as many sequels do, the choices made in the original game will carry over to Season 2. Those who choose to start playing Season 2 without playing either the original release or the DLC will have all of the game elements pre-determined.

A trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 2 can be seen on Telltale’s website, or their Youtube page here (content may not be age appropriate).

Those with money burning holes in their pockets can pre-order the digital season pass of the game on Steam at a 10% discount or on Telltale’s own website at the same discount with a collectors DVD available at the end of the season for the cost of shipping and handling.

No word yet on a console release date.

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