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Watch This, Not That- New Fall Shows for Oct. 7-20

I’m back, and it’s time to find out what new fall shows you have left to check out! While all the new shows are heating up, well some of them (RIP Lucky 7), the time for premiers is slowly drawing to a close. As you may have noticed from the title, I will be covering shows for the next two weeks in this post, and then I’m going to do one more for the remaining shows that premier late in the season.  We had a great week last week, so let’s keep it going!




The Tomorrow People- CW. Wednesday October 9, 9 ET

Tomorrow-PeopleThis is actually one of my most anticipated shows of the season believe it or not. It’s about a high school kid, who slowly starts to develop powers like telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation (why do all the cool powers start with T?). He soon is found by others of his kind and discovers he has entered a secret war that has been raging. This is a remake of an old show, and with today’s graphics and the CW’s rising popularity, this show could really be great. It also helps that this is from the same producers that do Arrow and the lead, Robbie Amell, is Stephen Amell’s cousin!








Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- ABC. Thursday October 10, 8 ET

*Worst of the Week!*

onceuponatimeinwonderlandUgh, did we really need a “Once Upon a Time” spin-off? I realize it does pretty good ratings, but really?!? I don’t really need to give much of a description on this one.  Just like it’s parent show, it takes place in both a fairy tale world and ours and interconnects them. This one will put a spin on the classic Alice in Wonderland, and give her a love interest to chase after in a mysterious genie. It’s not that the premise to these shows are bad, in fact they could be awesome. It’s just that the execution is so very poor. I’m sure it will have fine ratings, but I’m still telling you to stay away because I actually like good TV.





Reign- CW. Thursday October 17, 9 ET


And here I was starting to think that I was going to like every new show that the CW put out. Then I saw the Reign trailer. I’ll pass. Based upon the life of Mary Queen of Scots, this is billed as a period piece focusing on love and politics. To me, it looks like a show for young teenage girls that just love drama. Also, everything I have read has said it is wildly historically inaccurate. Nothing original to see here. This is a show trying to be “The Tudors”, and it just won’t be.






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