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Watch This, Not That – New Fall Shows for Sept 23- 29

It’s time the catch up on what new fall shows to watch! We had a great week one, with Sleepy Hollow dominating Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Dads. But all that was just a warm-up. This is the week folks! Possibly the biggest week in the TV year. Not only are about 75% of the established shows making their season debuts this week, but the biggest chunk of the new fall show premiers will be this week! You need me now more than ever to help you navigate this oh so important week, so let’s get started!

Watch This

The Blacklist- NBC. Monday September 23 10 ET


James Spader. Do you really need another reason to watch this show? This looks like Conspiracy Theory meets Silence of the Lambs. Spader plays a former spy that went rogue and turned terrorist. Now he has mysteriously turned himself in and is offering to only work with a young agent of his choosing as he reveals dirt on all of the world’s terrorists. What is his motivation for doing all of this? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out.







Hostages- CBS. Monday September 23 10 ET


I have to say, I struggled with this one. I really love McDermott and I love a good political mystery. Yet, I have no idea how this story can turn into a long, several season story. It just feels like it has the potential to turn into a ridiculous and unbelievable story. Then again, Prison Break pulled that off nicely not so long ago. I’m intrigued enough to tell you to watch this, and let’s hope for the best.






Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- ABC. Tuesday September 24 8 ET


Finally! My most anticipated new show of the year is here! If you listen to our show (and you should), you know I am a MASSIVE Marvel fan. The Avengers is a top five all time movie for me. To have a TV show that features one of the best characters in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Agent Coulson, and to give a platform to feature many ancillary characters that otherwise wouldn’t ever get screen time is just a recipe for success to me. ABC will pour all the necessary funds into this one to make sure it succeeds, so I cannot find a downside here.






The Goldbergs- ABC. Tuesday September 24 9 ET


I love the 80’s. Way more than I should. So when ABC released The Goldbergs trailer, I was immediately in. I like a good family comedy and when a network fully commits to a time period piece, it can be gold. (see The Americans) Jeff Garlin is perfect for this role and I think if this show catches on, this role could be huge for him. ABC thinks they have a Wonder Years for the new age with this one, and damn I hope they do!





Trophy Wife- ABC. Tuesday September 24 9:30 ET


This was a last minute addition for me. The show is cliche and there isn’t anything to set it apart from every other show except for one major thing. Every time I watch that trailer I laugh! And that has to be worth something. I also love the cast with Malin Akerman and Bradley Whitford. Maybe this one does fail to gain the attention of the masses and gets canned, I don’t know. But as long as it lasts, if it keeps me laughing, I will keep watching.





The Michael J. Fox Show- NBC. Thursday September 26 9 ET

the michael j fox show

NBC was the bigger winner in the Michael J. Fox sweepstakes. When he announced he was ready to come back to TV, every single network made a play for him. NBC won by throwing in a ton of money, a good (presumably) script, and by making the unprecedented decision to guarantee that the full 20+ episodes will air despite what the ratings are. That is unheard of. With that kind of commitment, NBC will throw everything it has into this show. Plus, America loves Michael J. Fox! Have you ever seen something he was in that you didn’t like? I didn’t think so! I don’t believe that trend will change here.




Not This


Mom- CBS. Monday September 23 9:30 ET


Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased in the fact that I can’t stand Anna Ferris. I’m sure she is a lovely person, but there are just so few things that she is in that I can stand. “Mom” doesn’t appear to be one of them. A show about a single recovering alcoholic mom, living with her own single recovering alcoholic mom, and raising a promiscuous teenager just doesn’t appeal to me. This is that latest show from Chuck Lorre, and it feels like every other Chuck Lorre material. At one time his stuff was fresh and funny. That time has long passed.




Lucky 7- ABC. Tuesday September 24 10 ET


Wow, this show looks awful! Nothing in this trailer made me interested. Not for even one second. I care nothing about the story of several strangers whose lives become forever changed and entwined when they all hit the mega lottery. I’m sure the story will follow how their lives will change and we will flash back on where their lives were leading up to them winning, but I just don’t care. Unless this show miraculously takes a supernatural turn, its the same old recycled crap. The lottery is just a tool to create drama, and when you take that away, there is nothing enticing about this show.




The Crazy Ones- CBS. Thursday September 26 9 ET


It hurts me that I have this show listed under this category. I love Robin Williams. Maybe more than I love anyone else in Hollywood. I have also always been a big fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar. So why can’t I get excited for this show? Williams and Gellar play father and daughter that run a high level advertising firm. In short, this is supposed to be the comedy version of Mad Men. All of that sounds great, but I just don’t see the public getting excited for this. With such big names attached to the show, I’m sure that comes with a big salary budget. So if this show struggles, it could get the plug pulled quickly. I really hope I’m wrong on this one. I really do.






Betrayal- ABC. Sunday September 29 10 ET


We have a winner! Sadly, its for my Worst of the Week. Out of all the new shows that I’m telling you not to watch, above all please don’t watch this one. This looks terrible. Am I the only one that doesn’t enjoy watching a show centered around cheating? I get that they have added an extra wrinkle in the fact that the man she cheats with is a rival attorney on a case that her husband is working on, and Betrayal also will probably also end up referring to the lies that the man she cheats with has told her. But see, I already know that’s going to happen! There is no twist here! It just boils down to adultery and the awkward relationship drama that follows. Count us out! Spread the word! Hopefully this show will get cancelled as soon as possible.



Masters of Sex- Showtime. Sunday September 29 10 ET


I love Showtime original series. In fact, there are very few that aren’t at least watchable. But I just can’t recommend their new series, “Masters of Sex”. Its a true (ish) story of a Dr. Masters (get it?) that decides to study what happens to the body during sex. What I’m failing to see here is a compelling story. If they truly focus on the struggle of this doctor trying to do real work on a field that is frowned upon and considered taboo, then maybe. But as far as I can tell, Showtime seems to be just playing up the sex and nudity and hoping that alone will get people to watch. If that’s the case, I’m not wasting my time. I don’t know maybe it’s just because I can’t stand Lizzy Caplan. Regardless, I’m saying no to this one. I do admit that like “Hostages”, this one could easily go the other way.




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