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Watch This, Not That – New Fall Shows for Sept. 29 – Oct. 5

Hello again friends and TV junkies! We have made it through the first big week of premiers and WOW do we have some awesome new shows this year and a TON of great returning ones! Well, there is no rest for the weary my friends. This week looks to ramp up the schedule as it will be the biggest debut week for new shows in all of 2014. Not only that, many prominent shows will also be returning this week. Comedy rules the road this week seemingly with five brand new, and much anticipated, sitcoms set to debut. Don’t sleep on the new dramas though, with four new series set to debut, including what I will think will be one of this year’s best!

Quick explanation for you new readers (welcome!), this is a post that discusses new shows only. Popular returning shows are listed with their date, time, and channel at the bottom so we can be an all inclusive guide for your TV habit. My predictions are based on how I think shows will do in the ratings and if they will get a second season, not if I will like them or not. There are plenty of shows that I think look really good that I also think will get cancelled. I will give my thoughts on each show and my reasons for their prediction. You will also see a quick “Trey Says” line for each show where you get Trey Elliott’s prediction. He will be writing a follow up post each week that will discuss each new show and his thoughts on them and how they are doing in the ratings. That post will cover shows that have been out for two weeks. Look for that tomorrow as he will be discussing shows from this column two weeks ago. It will be titled “WTNT – On Second Thought”, so check it out! At the end of the year, we will tally our predictions and see who comes out on top!

While this week certainly will be busy, the new schedule is still pretty spread out due to there being so many big returning shows this year. Stay tuned as I will be back each week, as we have new shows debuting all the way through October! Now, on to the predictions!





Manhattan Love Story – ABC. Tuesday September 30, 8:30 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


Manhattan Love StoryI have to say two things here. One, this is just a terrible title for a show. Two, I laughed at this trailer a lot. One thing I would ask all networks, and especially you ABC, stop with the cheesy voiced over trailers. I almost tuned out on this because of how the trailer opened. And that would have been a mistake. This is a classic romantic comedy sitcom with a cool twist that we can hear each of the main characters’ inner thoughts. I felt like I was watching Scrubs again and listening to JD’s inner monologue. And that is a VERY good thing to be reminded of. Sitcoms are tricky to predict, but I think this looks really funny and ABC has been promoting this heavily. Give this a try.





Peaky Blinders – Netflix. Tuesday September 30, first season goes live at 12:01 AM

Trey Says: Watch This!


Peaky BlindersGive it up for our first ever Netflix premier on the list! Okay, so this isn’t technically a new show, despite the fact that Netflix is advertising it as a Netflix Original. This show actually airs in Britain on BBC2. But since Netflix has the exclusive rights to it here in America, we are going to count it. We are also going to count it because I think this show looks awesome! Granted, I am a bit biased because I LOVE period piece gangster stories. But this show became crazy popular across the pond and I think it has an excellent chance to do so here. I love the cast with Cillian Murphy and Sam Neil. This show was a gimme, seeing how Netflix has already acquired the rights to season 2 as soon as it ends in November. And Tom Hardy is in season 2! Let the binge watching begin!






Stalker – CBS. Wednesday October 1, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


StalkerThis show really interests me. Its billed as a psychological thriller, which I love. But this show really seems like a freak of the week procedural to me, and I’m just not sure how it’s going to hold up. Then again, I may just be gun shy with Dylan McDerrmott after Hostages last year. That show was not good. But, as ever, this show being on CBS puts it at an advantage. I’m betting on the show having a really good underlying continuous plot that will drive the show. I cautiously say Watch This.







Gracepoint – FOX. Thursday October 2, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!



gracepointI have been looking forward to this show for a VERY long time! I love a good mystery, and really, who doesn’t?!? This is a small town murder mystery where everyone is a suspect. It has a great cast in David Tennant and Anna Gunn. This reminds me of a more serious Harper’s Island. And that show was amazing! This show was a no brainer. It is a 10 part limited series event. There are no plans for a second season. There is zero chance that FOX cancels this before it finishes. So watch and join me in guessing who the killer is!







Survivor’s Remorse — Starz. Saturday October 4, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!


survivors remorseIf I’m being honest, I don’t think this show looks very good. It’s pretty much a different version of Entourage. Instead of a group of poor white guys that live off their buddy that made it big as an actor, this is just a group of poor black guys that do the same with their buddy that becomes a basketball star. And don’t get me wrong, Entourage was amazing. But that show immediately struck me as funny. This show doesn’t. And while Entourage was about redemption at times, it’s greatness was when it just focused on the insane lifestyle of Vincent. This show seems to be focusing on the star trying to give back. And while that is great and all, I’m not sure that it makes good TV. However, I do think there will be a decent audience for this show. LeBron James is the executive producer of this show, and you know he has first hand experience with the subject material. And Starz is hungry to get more original programming out there, so I think this show will get a lot of leniency when it comes to ratings. If you want to see this show, give it a try. I think it will be sticking around for more than one season.







Selfie – ABC. Tuesday September 30, 8 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!



Look, I use my smart phone and facebook and Twitter every day just like pretty much everyone else on the planet. But I can’t be the only person that HATES stuff that tries to exploit this culture right?? If you say “hashtag __” and you aren’t reading an actual tweet, then odds are that I pretty much hate you. So you could see how an entire show centered around this culture when annoy me. I’m betting there are more of you out there life me as well. There are some good things here. I love the cast. And I’ve even heard some people say it was kind of funny. But overall, I don’t think a gimmicky sitcom like this can make it unless it is really funny. I’m not so sure Selfie will ever go from kind of funny to really funny. Don’t watch this.







A to Z – NBC. Thursday October 2, 8:30 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!


A to ZThe first time I saw this trailer, I though thought that this show might be good. But the more I see it, the more I doubt that it will be good. Or successful. Sure, this is a romantic comedy sitcom. They are two very different types of people that fate has brought together by chance. Other than the coincidence where they meet, what else about this show is different or original? Is there anything? Maybe the title. A to Z, Andrew to Zelda.  I get it. Good job. Right now the only reason I see to like this show is that it has a girl named Zelda in it. Skip this one. We have seen it all before.






Bad Judge – NBC. Thursday October 2, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!



Bad JudgeIf you have already seen this trailer and are looking forward to this show, just stop reading all my articles right now. We just look at life fundamentally differently. This is the worst looking show I have seen since the Killer Women trailer debuted for ABC last year. Go look and see how that show turned out. Kate Walsh looks terrible in this show. There is nothing funny about her character as a prominent judge with an out of control personal life. This isn’t just my worst of the week, it’s my worst of the year.







Mulaney – FOX. Sunday October 5, 9:30 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


mulaneyI’m sad I have this under the Not This category. I honestly hope Trey is right about this one. John Mulaney is one of my favorite stand up comedians today. He is absolutely hysterical. Not to mention he has also written some of the funniest SNL skits you have ever seen. Also, his supporting cast in this show is amazing with Marting Short, Nasim Padrad, and Elliot Gould. So what’s the problem? I’m not so sure than the general public knows who he is for the most part for one. And that does matter. I also think that his jokes won’t hit for everyone and the show might come off as cheesy. But the biggest problem is it’s time-slot. For years, FOX’s Animation Domination on Sunday night has worked for them. The Simpsons and Family Guy are still going strong and Bob’s Burgers is coming off an Emmy win. So why mess with a good thing? FOX has decided to do so and has stuck Mulaney at the end of Animation Domination and moved last year’s success, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, right into the middle of it. I think this was a mistake. Unfortunately I think Brooklyn Nine-Nine will suffer a big drop in ratings and I’m afraid that Mulaney will never get off the ground. I really hope I’m wrong on this one.







Castle – ABC. Monday September 29, 10 PM ET
NCIS: Los Angeles – CBS. Monday September 29, 10 PM ET
Criminal Minds – CBS. Wednesday October 1, 9 PM ET
The Vampire Diaries – CW. Thursday October 2, 8 PM ET
Reign – CW. Thursday October 2, 9 PM ET
Last Man Standing – ABC. Friday October 3, 8 PM ET
Bob’s Burgers – FOX. Sunday October 5, 7:30 PM ET
Homeland – Showtime. Sunday October 5, 9 PM ET

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