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Watch This, Not That – New Fall Shows for September 15-21

It’s Monday and it’s September, so that means we are back for more Watch This, Not That! We are still slowly settling into the new season. Just a few new shows last week and not many more this week. But for those of you anxious for more glorious new TV, you don’t have to wait very long. Next week is fall sweeps and Watch This, Not That will be PACKED with more new TV than you can handle. (Trust me!)

For you newcomers, the purpose of this column is to simply show you what new shows are coming on this week and to give you my opinions on if they will be worth watching or not. My recommendation for “Watch This” or “Not This” is based solely on how I think they will perform in the ratings. Not if they will actually be good shows. We all know that plenty of bad shows get follow-up seasons and far too many great shows get cancelled. I will give you my opinion on both aspects however.

Starting next week, Trey Elliott will be joining the fray and he will have a weekly article out as well. That article will cover the shows that started two weeks prior to that week. That way we have a chance to watch everything and to see how some shows drop off after their premier. There you can read his thoughts on how shows are doing and if they are actually any good or not. At the mid-season break and at the end of the TV year, we will do wrap-up posts and see who predicted the most shows correctly (it will be me).

This article’s main purpose is for NEW shows. You will find a list at the bottom of every column that lists any big returning shows that are starting up in the current week. Feel free to chime in on the comments section or shoot us an email and predict along with us, or just let us know what you think!. Now, on to the shows!




Red Band Society – FOX. Wednesday September 17, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


red band societyI kind of have conflicting emotions about this one. On one hand, this looks like and extremely well made show. Stephen Spielberg is an executive producer and it has some very good adult actors. On the other hand, is this show going to be just flat-out too depressing to watch? Red Band Society is about a group of kids, all with serious or terminal illnesses, that form a friendship in a hospital. The show is billed as a dramedy, but I don’t really want to watch a show where kids I get attached to are going to die. And that is just¬†going to happen. This is also a show that really needs to be carried by the acting of the kids. And from what I can see in the trailer, that is not the case. Overall, I think the appeal of this show and the big names attached to it will outweigh the bad. I say watch this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong on this one.









The Mysteries of Laura – NBC. Wednesday September 17, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!



the mysteries of lauraWILL & GRACE IS OVER NBC! STOP IT!! NBC has always taken care of its own and it’s no new thing to see stars from past successful NBC shows get a chance on new ones. It’s also no new thing for those new shows to fail miserably. In fact most do. They tried it last year with Sean Saves the World. Verdict? Cancelled. This show appears to be no different. I LOATHE Debra Messing. The ONE good thing she has done was Will & Grace and she was the fourth best character in that. This is another dramedy, leaning strongly toward comedy. Messing plays a big-shot female detective that is also a single mom to two hellish children. That’s it. Please America, do not watch this show. I have faith in you.






Madam Secretary – CBS. Sunday September 21, 8 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!!


madam secretaryThis is another one of those shows I’m very conflicted on. First, let’s be clear. I in NO WAY think this show looks good. It looks awful. Tea Leoni?? Not the best. But, this is a CBS drama. And as a rule, about 80% of CBS dramas go bonkers in the ratings. I don’t it, but people over the coveted 18-49 demographic LOVE CBS. So that makes these shows very hard to predict. The premise is, Leoni plays a professor that is a former high-level CIA analyst that is asked by her personal friend, the President, to take over as Secretary of State after the former one dies in a plane accident. She is very aggressive and does things her own way and quickly makes enemies. Sounds kind of generic doesn’t it?? But again, this is CBS. I am sticking with a “Not This” rating, but I wouldn’t be incredibly shocked if this ended up doing great ratings.








Dancing with the Stars – ABC. Monday September 15, 8 PM ET
The Mindy Project – FOX. Tuesday September 16, 9:30 PM ET
New Girl – FOX. Tuesday September 16, 9 PM ET
The Good Wife – CBS. Sunday September 21, 9 PM ET

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