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Watch This, Not That – New Fall Shows for September 22-28

Sweeps week!!! My summer vacation time where I only watch double the amount of TV of the average person has ended. Sweeps week is here and now we will be watching about quadruple the amount of TV the average person watches. And those are low ball estimates friends. We here at Free4geeks watch a lot of TV. And I LOVE it!

This TV season is shaping up to be a bit different than recent years. There are a TON of holdover shows and not nearly as many new shows. At least for sweeps week. We will still have new shows rolling out virtually every week through the end of October, but it’s much more spread out and the total number of new shows is far less for the fall than it was last year. It looks like there will be a ton of mid-season new show premiers this year in 2015, which tells us a lot of the new shows are going to start off as the 10-13 episode variety.

Quick explanation for you new readers (welcome!), this is a post that discusses new shows only. Popular returning shows are listed with their date, time, and channel at the bottom so we can be an all inclusive guide for your TV habit. My predictions are based on how I think shows will do in the ratings and if they will get a second season, not if I will like them or not. There are plenty of shows that I think look really good that I also think will get cancelled. I will give my thoughts on each show and my reasons for their prediction. You will also see a quick “Trey Says” line for each show where you get Trey Elliott’s prediction. He will be writing a follow up post each week that will discuss each new show and his thoughts on them and how they are doing in the ratings. That post will cover shows that have been out for two weeks. Look for that tomorrow as he will be discussing shows from this column two weeks ago. It will be titled “WTNT – On Second Thought”, so check it out! At the end of the year, we will tally our predictions and see who comes out on top!

Now, on to the predictions!




Gotham – FOX. Monday September 22, 8 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!


GothamI have been excited for this show for awhile now. There is one major hangup I have with it as far as predictions go. People will really watch this because it’s a show about the world of Batman. My question? Will people continue to watch it when they realize that Batman is NEVER coming in this show? Hopefully, the show itself can hook people before that question becomes an issue. Personally, I think it will be very good but it does have some flaws. The show will follow a young Jim Gordon and his rise through the Gotham PD and will show us early versions of Bruce Wayne and several future members of his rogues gallery.  I do wonder just how well the show will do against The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, and Monday Night Football. That is a brutal time slot. But with runaway holdover success, Sleepy Hollow, following it, I think Gotham will too.





Scorpion – CBS. Monday, September 22, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!



ScorpionThis show has a lot going for it. First and foremost, it’s on CBS. And CBS is a ratings monster. Second, this show just looks really cool. It’s based on a true story, which adds to it’s intrigue. Also, CBS has promoted the hell out of this show. I rated it the best of the week, not because I think I will like it the most, but because in the end I think it will do the best. And there is always the chance that I do like it the most. The story is about a genius that recruits other geniuses in specific fields to start their own crime fighting unit. Soon, they catch the government’s eye and are recruited and put to work. I think this show is going to be good and I can see it being one of the biggest new shows of the year. Of course I did say the same thing about Intelligence last year….. Again, sorry about that.






NCIS: New Orleans – CBS. Tuesday September 23, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


NCIS NOFull disclosure, I have zero plans to continue watching this show after it’s first couple of episodes. I don’t enjoy NCIS or NCIS: Los Angeles and this is just going to be more of the same. Which is exactly why this show will succeed. NCIS and it’s LA spinoff are two of the biggest shows on TV. There is no reason to think that New Orleans won’t follow suite. It has two major things going for it other than it’s title. It has a great cast with the amazing Scott Bakula, and it’s location is one of the most interesting cities in the country. If you like either of the NCIS shows, you are going to like this. This show will do great ratings for the next few years.






How to Get Away With Murder – ABC. Thursday September 25, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


How to Get Away With MurderWelcome to the most ABC show of all time! ABC just has a certain feel to their shows. I could have watched that trailer and immediately told you what channel it was going to be on without any prior knowledge. And that is not a bad thing. Once you find a niche that works, run with it. This show feels like Revenge, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy all rolled into one. And considering those are three of the most successful shows on the network, that is a very good thing. It’s also not surprising since the writers of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal also wrote this show. It stars Viola Davis, who I love, and revolves around the craziest law school I have ever seen. Davis is a brilliant attorney that teaches criminal law at a prestigious law school and makes her law students go to extremes to impress her and to earn her spot in her firm. The story seems totally outrageous but I don’t think that will matter at all. There is a lot of buzz for this show and I think it will do great.










Forever – ABC. Monday September 22, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!

** Worst of the Week **


ForeverI have to admit, I actually really want to watch this show. But as I said in my opening, not every show that I think looks good will make it. I think Forever is one of those shows. It receives my worst of the week tag purely on the fact that I think it will have the worst ratings out of all the new shows this week. It is an interesting premise. The story follows a brilliant medical examiner that has been alive for 200 years. He, obviously, cannot die. Every time he does, he wakes up naked in water somewhere. Weird, but at least it’s original. I just think the show is to niche in a VERY competitive time-slot to catch on with enough people to get good enough ratings to make. I hope it does, but I’m betting it won’t.






Black-ish – ABC. Wednesday September 24, 9:30 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


blackishThis is yet another show that I think actually looks pretty good that I don’t think will make it. I have to admit, I laughed several times in the trailer. The story follows a very successful black man that feels that his ideal suburban lifestyle is causing him and his family to forget their black roots, and leads him to go to extreme and funny measures to make his family remember them. It has a great cast with Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne. However, I do wonder if a show based purely on cultural differences will make it in prime-time. The show has received a lot of buzz and good critic ratings, but so did Trophy Wife. That doesn’t always lead to ratings. It also is in the post Modern Family time-slot. While that should theoretically help it’s ratings, that slot has been an absolute death sentence for sitcoms over the past several years. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Black-ish will buck that trend. This show will most likely end up cancelled.








The Big Bang Theory – CBS. Monday September 22, 8 PM ET
The Voice – NBC. Monday September 22, 8 PM ET
Sleepy Hollow – FOX. Monday September 22, 9 PM ET
The Blacklist – NBC. Monday September 22, 10 PM ET
NCIS – CBS. Tuesday September 23, 8 PM ET
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC. Tuesday September 23, 9 PM ET
Chicago Fire – NBC. Tuesday September 23, 10 PM ET
Person of Interest – CBS. Tuesday September 23, 10 PM ET
Survivor – CBS. Wednesday September 24, 8 PM ET
The Middle – ABC. Wednesday September 24, 8 PM ET
The Goldbergs – ABC. Wednesday September 24, 8:30 PM ET
Modern Family – ABC. Wednesday September 24, 9 PM ET
Law & Order: SVU – NBC. Wednesday September 24, 9 PM ET
Chicago PD – NBC. Wednesday September 24, 10 PM ET
Nashville – ABC. Wednesday September 24, 10 PM ET
South Park – Comedy Central. Wednesday September 24, 10 PM ET
Bones – FOX. Thursday September 25, 8 PM ET
Grey’s Anatomy – ABC. Thursday September 25, 8 PM ET
Scandal – ABC. Thursday September 25, 9 PM ET
Parenthood – NBC. Thursday September 25, 10 PM ET
The Amazing Race – CBS. Friday September 26, 8 PM ET
Shark Tank – ABC. Friday September 26, 8 PM ET
Hawaii Five-O – CBS. Friday September 26, 9 PM ET
Blue Bloods – CBS. Friday September 26, 10 PM ET
Saturday Night Live – NBC. Saturday September 27, 11:30 PM ET
The Simpsons – FOX. Sunday September 28, 8 PM ET
Once Upon a Time – ABC. Sunday September 28, 8 PM ET
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – FOX. Sunday September 28, 8:30 PM ET
Family Guy – FOX. Sunday September 28, 9 PM ET
Resurrection – ABC. Sunday September 28, 9 PM ET
Revenge – ABC. Sunday September 28, 10 PM ET
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – CBS. Sunday September 28, 10 PM ET

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