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Watch This, Not That- New Fall Shows for Sep 30 – Oct 6

Once again, it’s time to catch up on what new fall shows to watch! After a huge second week, things start to slowly wind down from here on out. So far so good for most of my recommendations.  Michael J. Fox Show was a bit of a disappointment. I’m being told that I was wrong about Masters of Sex but that remains to be seen. Definitely (and happily) missed the mark on The Crazy Ones as it debuted huge. I was right that Lucky 7 was garbage, as it’s certain to be cancelled and I was right that Hostages would be good, although it most likely will get cancelled too.  This week, most comedy debuts with only a couple dramas, but there are duds all around!


We Are Men- CBS. Monday September 30, 8:30 ET

imagesIn serious contention for best new cast, featuring Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell, Chris Smith, and Kal Penn, We Are Men looks to be pretty amusing. Nothing to original about the plot, as they are four guys from four different generations, that have all been recently dumped or divorced, and have now found each other to lean on while living at a temporary housing apartment. Should this could go the cliche route on the jokes, but I have to think this cast can pull it off.





The Originals- CW. Thursday October 3, 9 ET

*Note*- This is the premier time slot. Show will actually be Tuesdays at 8 ET following the premier

TheOriginalsIs this a Vampire Diaries spin-off? Yes. Do I care? No. While I do not watch the Vampire Diaries, I have checked it out before. It’s not terrible like most people that aren’t teenage girls say. It’s just not that great either. Despite that, something about this trailer is just really intriguing to me. Before Arrow, I might have just written this show off without giving it a chance. Listen to me here. The CW has several quality shows, with a bunch more on the way. Do yourself a favor and give them a chance.








Super Fun Night- ABC.  Wednesday October 2, 9:30 ET


When I say this, I don’t say it to be mean, its just true. Being fat doesn’t make you funny. I do not get the infatuation with Rebel Wilson. It just seems that all of her humor is based on her weight. Sure Chris Farley did fat jokes back in the day, but he did a million other jokes and he had the best comedic timing in the business. This show’s Executive Producer is Conan O’Brian, which might be it’s only saving grace. The show is about three friends that spend every Friday night together indoors. Then, a series of events forces them out for one crazy night. That’s it. Seriously. Are you intrigued? Me neither.







Ironside- NBC. Wednesday October 2, 10 ET

*Worst of the Week!!!*


This show just looks so unbelievably awful. It’s a remake, so already there is no originality to it. But they could have at least toned down the cliches. He’s a badass, but he’s in a wheelchair! What?!?! He has a different perspective on the world, because he’s in a wheelchair! Insane!!!!! Yawn. The dialogue is so cheesy, that it helps none of this. I will be floored if this makes it through it’s first season even. If you are going to put yet another police procedural on air, at least give me something better than this.





The Millers- CBS. Thursday October 3, 8:30 ET


So this is one of those that I may be wrong about. It looks moderately funny, just not enough to warrant me spending my precious time watching. Will Arnett is very hit or miss for me (“Up All Night” was terrible). Part of this may have to do with spite. This show stole Margo Martindale away from The Americans. I’m still a bit upset by that. Arnett plays a recently divorced reporter that has his now splitting up parents move back to town. His mom lives with him and his dad with his sister. I don’t think it will be worth watching,  but we will see.







Welcome to the Family- NBC. Thursday October 3, 8:30 ET

welcometothefamilycastAgain, nothing original here. It’s your standard two insanely different families brought together by crazy circumstances, in this case their kids are having a baby together as teenagers, and the hilarity of the complications ensues. It could work, but I just don’t see this one going over. The shows one saving grace is Mike O’Malley. The guy is hysterical. Just not sure it will be enough to put this show over the top.




Sean Saves the World- NBC. Thursday October 3, 9 ET

seanNBC just won’t give up on Must See TV Thursdays will they? They again try to recapture the glory days by bringing back Sean Hayes of Will and Grace fame, back for his own show. He plays a single gay dad, struggling to find his way. I realize that him being gay is a twist, but its not enough to differentiate between your basic single parent comedy. When it comes down to it, do you laugh when you watch this trailer? I sure don’t.





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