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Watch This, Not That – New Fall Shows for September 8-14

It has been many long months but I can finally say, WE ARE BACK!! One of my favorite times of the year has finally arrived. The new TV season is upon us! And, as ever, I will be here to guide you through exactly what new shows to watch and where to not waste your time. We here at watch a lot of TV. Especially myself and Trey Elliott. So that is why we will be changing things up for you guys a little bit. So for you returning faithful readers (thank you!) and for you new comers (also thank you!) here are the rules for how my favorite column works. This is an column where I give my thoughts and opinions on new shows. I follow ratings and TV trends closely and I just flat out watch a ludicrous amount of TV. I use that knowledge to let you guys know what new shows to watch and which ones to avoid. A couple of things that I need to stress. First, these are only predictions and recommendations for NEW shows. I will always have notes at the bottom that lists what popular shows are returning for the week I am writing about, but there will be no trailers or predictions for them. Second, my recommendations to “Watch This” or “Not This” are based off of how I think they will do in the ratings. There are several shows that I think look good that are coming out this year. I am already pretty confident about a few of them that they will be canceled. So I will put them in the “Not This” category. I will share my thoughts about each show and explain why I have put it in the category that I did. But there is nothing worse than getting really invested in a show that you think is very good only to have it cancelled on you and you never know how it ends. It’s a pain I know all too well!

A new little wrinkle in the column is that we have a second writer! Welcome Trey Elliott! As most of you faithful readers know, we usually do a First Impressions review of all new shows after their first or second episode. Well you will still see a few of those for some of the more popular returning shows, but for the new shows Trey will be doing a recap for each of these columns two weeks after they are written. There, he will give his thoughts on the show and as well talk about how they are looking in the ratings early on and how their future looks. You will notice that under each show I list, I will have a “Trey Says” section that shows whether he agrees with my prediction or not. At the end of the year we will tally the results and see who comes out on top!

Only two new shows this week. On weeks with more content, I will always have the “Best of the Week” and “Worst of the Week” picks. Don’t forget to check out the schedule for returning shows at the bottom! Let the predictions begin!



Z Nation – Syfy. Friday September 12, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This! 

Z Nation

Has zombie fatigue set in? The ratings of Walking Dead would say no, as that show continues to be bigger and bigger. And since Walking Dead started, we have had more zombie related content then ever before. Eventually the shine will wear off, and with some properties it already has. And while I realize that Z Nation is no Walking Dead, and never will be, I still think it will be a success. It has a little bit different take on the zombie stories that we are used to. The show will pick up three years after the initial zombie apocalypse and will follow the story of a group of survivors trying to get the one man to ever survive a zombie bite to somewhere that they can make a cure from his blood. The show has recognizable actors in Harold Perrineau (Lost, Matrix Trilogy), Tom Everett Scott (Dead Man on Campus, That Thing You Do), and DJ Qualls (Road Trip, The New Guy), that should help the show get off the ground. There is a nice campy feel to the show and it doesn’t look like it will take itself too serious which should make for a fun show. My major concern is that the show will be airing on Friday nights, the dead zone (no pun intended) of TV. The good news is that is a Syfy show and huge ratings, especially in it’s time slot aren’t expected. A show has to do pretty damn terrible for Syfy to not give it at least two seasons. I like Z Nation’s chances. Give it a watch!






Utopia – FOX. Tuesday, September 9 and Friday September 12. 8 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


Utopia I admit, as reality shows go this one has a really intriguing premise. 15 people have been chosen to spend up to one year away from their families. They have been moved to a large remote location and have been told to build their own society from scratch. New laws and everything (although I’m pretty sure they can’t make murder legal). There will be weekly eliminations and eliminations open the door for new competitors to enter. Sounds pretty cool right? One problem. It’s reality TV. Bigger problem. It’s reality TV on FOX. FOX reality shows of this nature tend to be extremely trashy and scripted. They showed an advance screening of the pilot right after the NFL was done on Sunday. That’s quite a big lead in and I will be interested to see the numbers for it. I checked it out for a little bit. I turned it off. Holy hell that was awful. Where do they find those people? Naturally they chose people that are from the exact opposite corners of life, with most of them being strong willed and are intolerant of opposing opinions. I get that. But those people aren’t fun to watch. And just as I thought, this all felt very scripted. Sure, this is a bunch of mostly horrible people being their horrible selves but the producers are leading where the show goes and it’s painfully obvious. All reality shows do this but the good ones hide it. This is not a good one. Reality shows are tricky to predict because they don’t demand quite as high of ratings as a regular scripted drama or comedy. Why? Because they are MUCH cheaper to make. But as reality show budgets go, this has to be one of the more expensive ones. It is an entire year of production. Because of that, I don’t think this show will be canceled early, but I give this show very little chance of being renewed. Don’t watch this!






Boardwalk Empire – HBO. Sunday September 7. 9 PM ET
Sons of Anarchy – FX. Tuesday September 9. 10 PM ET
Hell’s Kitchen – FOX. Wednesday September 10. 8 PM ET
The Biggest Loser – NBC. Thursday September 11. 8 PM ET


Haven – Syfy. Thursday September 11. 8 PM ET

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