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Watch This, Not That – New Fall Shows for the Rest of the Season

We are back! We are deep into the fall season now and what a season it has been for the new fall shows! Most of my predictions/suggestions have been spot on, so you are welcome! Yet amazingly, we still have a few shows to go.  I will be back with you guys sometime toward Christmas to review how the season has gone and see what I was right and wrong about. But as you breathlessly await that article, here is the shows you should be watching and avoiding until then!




Ground Floor- TBS. Thursday November 14, 10 ET

Ground FloorTBS’s slogan is “Very Funny”. If they are talking about their syndicated shows, then yes they are. However, up to this point their original comedy series have been just terrible. So why would I think this one would be any different? Two reasons. First,this show was created by Bill Lawrence, and I will always give the benefit of the doubt to the man that created Scrubs. Second, it stars John C. McGinley. I love that man. It’s a comedy that is pretty much about class warfare in the workplace, as it will focus on the relationships between high powered bankers in a building, and the low level workers on the ground floor. TBS’s track record worries me, but I think this one is worth checking out.





Almost Human – FOX. Two night premier. Sunday November 17, 8 ET and Monday November 18, 8 ET

almost humanSo I will say what you all are thinking. This is I’ Robot the TV show. But you know what? I’m totally okay with it! It’s from the J.J. Abrahms team and the EP of Fringe and it stars Karl Urban, who is just great. It follows a cop in the future, where robots have become standard partners for the police. Urban plays a cop who is a broken man, and due to past events has deep trust issues with the robots. He is then paired up with a one of a kind robot that is more human than the rest. Sound’s pretty familiar right?! I’m actually really looking forward to this one though, as I think the story translates really well to television.





Mob City – TNT.  Wednesday December 4

Mob City

I’m really excited about this one. From legendary director Frank Darabont, we are getting a television event set in LA in the 40’s. Full disclaimer, I adore any type of LA Noire movies or shows. LA Confidential is one of the greatest movies ever made. Fact. Sure Darabont’s fame came from movies and his first foray into television was a bumpy ride (he was fired as The Walking Dead’s showrunner), but this seems much more his speed. This is being billed as a three week television event, so think more of a mini-series than show. He brings along with him an actor from The Walking Dead that I actually like in Jon Bernthal, as well as Ed Burns who is also great. In typical noire fashion, it will focus on the legendary battles between the LAPD and the city’s mobsters.  It looks gritty and really stylized, and I can’t wait. No time of day has been listed for it’s start time yet.







Dracula – NBC. Friday October 25, 10 ET

Dracula I really hate to put this into the “Not This” category, but I have to. I will actually be watching this show, but I have to recommend what I think will actually be good TV, and I just don’t think this will be. In this version of Dracula, Dracula resurfaces in Victorian London posing as an American industrialist, and he is looking for a long lost love. I love the story of Dracula, and this could be a cool show, it just doesn’t seem that NBC was the right network to bring it to us. I’m afraid it will have a Hannibal feel to it, and let’s face it, that show is terrible. Its from the producers of Downton Abbey and the directors of The Tudors, so that is a plus. Also, Jonathan Rhys Myers is great. But I feel this could easily become over stylized and boil down to just relationship drama. It is however being billed as a one season event, so if you do decide to check this out, at least you can watch without fear of it being cancelled.

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