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Watch This, Not That – New Mid-Season Shows for April 1-6

Hello once again fellow TV junkies! April is upon us and the transition is about to begin. The last of the new mid-season shows will be debuting, and any show starting in May will be considered a summer show. Fear not though! Once upon a time, or like two years ago, summer was the graveyard shift for TV. Last year, the number of quality programs running new episodes rose dramatically and it’s looking like we will see about double that this season. April will be a slow month but there is one show debuting this week that you need to check out and one returning show that is must watch. No “Not That” shows this week, but sadly I’m sure we will see it return sooner rather than later.


Watch This


Turn – AMC. Sunday, April 6. 9 ET.



With AMC’s own personal ratings monster The Walking Dead ending last week, they are in desperate need of a new hit. Mad Men is returning, but it has been on the slide for awhile now. Breaking Bad is done, and The Killing was pawned off on Netflix. Hell on Wheels is mediocre at best and Low Winter Sun was gigantic flop. So what will AMC give us to turn it around? We will find out this Sunday when Turn makes it’s series debut. Turn takes place during the Revolutionary War and is the story of America’s first spys, The Culper Ring. I’m extremely excited for this show. For one, it just speaks to my personal tastes a lot. I love period piece dramas, and I love spy dramas even more. The Culper Ring was very much real. I doubt we see a ton of historically accurate stories about them but as long as it’s as entertaining as the trailer makes it look, I’m in!




My Returning Shows


Game of Thrones – HBO. Sunday, April 6. 9 ET



The wait is finally over! The best show on TV returns this Sunday! If you aren’t watching this show, then you are truly missing out. Coming off what I believe to be the best season of TV of all time, Game of Thrones looks to keep their momentum going. As a reader of the book series, I will tell you this. Their are some HUGE story arcs coming this season and you guys are going to love them!





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