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Watch This, Not That – New Mid-Season Shows for February 17-28

Hello once again fellow TV junkies! It’s time once again to take a look at what new mid-season shows are coming and which ones you should watch, and which ones you should avoid.  First off, I know I know, its been way more than two weeks since I last did this column. Well, me being the TV guru that I am, completely forgot about the freaking Olympics. Good thing I already have your trust! (Right?!? Right??….) Oh well, needless to say, if well established shows aren’t running new episodes during the Olympics, there certainly haven’t been any new shows. So February is a little light this month. But we do have five to talk about before March and April get here and blow us away so lets take a look. *Note* While this column is always about brand new shows making their series debut, due to several requests I will quickly list any of my top returning shows that are starting up in the given time period.


Watch This

About a Boy – NBC. Tuesday February 25. 9 ET **Best of The Month** (by default)

about a boy

So why the “by default”? Basically because I’m not confident that any of these new February shows will succeed. And while I think this could be the best of the bunch, it could also be a horrible flop. It’s not often that I list a half- hour comedy as the best of the month, even in a slow month. But I have to admit that the trailer made me laugh several times. It’s about a single, immature, promiscuous guy that has a quirky single mother move in next door with her cutely weird son. The guy befriends the kid and becomes his role model. And I’m sure he eventually ends up with the mother if the show goes on long enough. I’m not usually a big Minnie Driver fan, but she is basically the third lead here. Benjamin Stockham, the kid, looks really funny. The lead, David Walton, I find hysterical. I loved him on the short lived Perfect Couples. I will be watching this one and I hope its one that gets picked up.



Growing Up Fisher – NBC. Tuesday February 25 9:30 ET

growing up fisher

Following fellow freshman comedy About A Boy, history tells us that at best only one of these two shows will be picked up. Maybe I’m just covering my bases here but I genuinely think both of these shows look funny. At the same time, they could both easily fail. Growing Up Fisher seems to be taking a page out of ABC’s recent success The Goldbergs, as it is based on the real life childhood of the shows writer and producer. It’s about a family going through a, seemingly, amicable divorce. The catch is that the dad is blind. Most of the story will revolve around the father and son’s relationship. While at it’s core, it’s a comedy, you can expect plenty of heart felt moments. Jason Bateman is the narrator as the kid all grown up, much like Bob Sagat’s role in How I Met Your Mother. Eli Baker plays the son, and was pretty charming in the preview. Unfortunately, Jenna Elfman plays the mom. So you know exactly what that character will be like. Elfman can play only one character, and its awful. Cancelling out Elfman’s awful is the awesomeness that is J.K. Simmons. I love that man and he is perfect for this role. Plus it’s got a really cute seeing eye dog. How can you not root for this show?



Mind Games – ABC. Tuesday February 25. 10 ET

mind gamesI really don’t know what to think about this show. Its about two brothers, one who is responsible and educated, and the other is aloof and a free spirit but maybe just brilliant. Together they form a firm that has the sole purpose to essentially alter fate by changing peoples minds without them knowing it. It’s a super interesting premise.  But the trailer is a bit corny, so it’s really hard to tell if they will pull it off. Steve Zahn is the aloof brother, as that is basically the only role Steve Zahn plays. God I hate Steve Zahn. The only reason I was swayed off the fence to the “Watch This” side is the other brother is played by Christian Slater. Christian Slater is awesome. And lets face it, he needs the work.





Not This


Star-Crossed – CW. Monday February 17. 8 ET **Worst of the Week**

star crossedThe CW just can’t seem to break away from old habits. For a long time they were know to just play up the teenage romance shows. Now they have a ton of successful shows (and to be fair, a few of the big ones are teenage romance shows) but they keep plugging away and finding the next TV version of Twilight. And let’s face it, Star-Crossed is just Twilight with aliens instead of vampires and probably even worse acting. Its the story of 9 teenage alien boys who, 10 years after landing on Earth and being put in an internment camp, are integrated into a local high school. There, the lead boy will develop a wild a drama filled relationship with a human girl. Yawn. This show looks terrible. The CW already got lucky with the moderate success of Reign. Lightning won’t strike twice this year. This show will be cancelled.





Mixology – ABC. Wednesday February 26. 9:30 ET

VANESSA LENGIES, ADAN CANTO, CRAIG FRANK, ANDREW SANTINO, BLAKE LEE, GINGER GONZAGA, KATE SIMSES, ALEXIS CARRA, ADAM CAMPBELL, SARAH BOLGERUgh. I’m getting tired of these “limited run” series. They are only supposed to last one season, but we all know that if they are successful they will renew them for a second season. The problem is that they are rarely good. I don’t think Mixology will be the show to break that trend. It’s about 10 singles, five guys and five girls, whose lives become intertwined one night at a singles bar called The Mix. The entire season takes place over one night on the show, and we are supposed to be guessing who will end up getting together. It’s a decent premise, but I just don’t see this going well. There are a few funny parts of the trailer, but there are so many more tired cliches. The one bright spot is that Adan Canto is in this. He was recently cast as Sunspot in the new X-Men movie. Sunspot is awesome. On the downside? He is not playing Sunspot in this. This show will not be awesome.





Returning Shows to Watch in February

The Americans – FX. Wednesday February 26 10 ET

The AmericansOnly one return this month, but it’s a big one! The Americans was one of the best new shows of last year and one of the best shows on TV. It is brilliantly acted and written. Catch up on this one before season 2 starts for free on Amazon Instant Video or buy the season on iTunes or Blu-ray. Its worth it!

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