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Watch This, Not That – New Mid-Season Shows for March 17-31

Welcome back fellow TV junkies! Sweeps are almost over but there are still a few new mid-season shows that we have to get through. It’s been a wild Spring so far, as shows that seemed like they were a sure thing just aren’t clicking, and shows that seemed like they didn’t stand a chance are performing quite well. So let’s see if we can turn this one around! *Note* This is the last regular post for this column as far as the every other week schedule goes. Until Fall hits of course. Never fear though! I will be doing quick posts for this column every time a big new show is about to premier. This is just probably the last one that will have multiple premiers on it until mid-summer.





The 100 – The CW. Wednesday March 19. 9ET


The CW continues their leap forward into legitimacy with this one. I have been looking forward to this one for awhile. I love the premise- A post apocalyptic future where mankind has fled an unsafe Earth into space. A long time later, with their time in space becoming limited, mankind’s leaders send down 100 teenagers that have been convicted of crimes to check on the safety of Earth and to see if our species can return home. Think Lord of the Flies meets After Earth. ¬†Except not terrible. It doesn’t star Jayden Smith so it has to be better. As long as the CW can keep the “old CW” out of this show, or at least minimize it, I think it will do well.





Friends With Better Lives – CBS. Monday March 31. 9 ET




I have to admit, I struggled with this one. I actually didn’t laugh all that much at the trailer. And the premise is nothing original. But sometimes the best comedies come from that. FWBL has several things going for it. Its from the creators of a little show you might have heard of called “Friends”. It’s on the unstoppable ratings monster known as CBS. And it also has a really great cast. James Van der Beek is back!!! I also really love Kevin Connolly from Entourage. And there will be a shocking amount of people tune in just to watch Brooklyn Decker for half an hour. Whether I end of finding this show funny or not, I think it’s going to go over well in the ratings.







Surviving Jack – Fox. Thursday March 27. 8:30 ET



Don’t get me wrong. I love the 90’s. And I really love Christopher Meloni. But this show doesn’t look good. It’s really hard to tell though. FOX has the WORST promos ever. Every comedy is advertised the same. Terribly. A pretty generic premise, where a manly working man becomes a stay at home dad. There are some decent moments here, but nothing to make it stand out. A lot will ride on how far Meloni can carry the show.




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