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Watch This, Not That – New Mid-Season Shows for March 3-16

Hello again friends! After a bit of delay that we only see every four years (thanks a lot Olympics) it is finally getting to be time for Spring Sweeps! While nowhere near as crowded as the Fall Sweeps, I often feel Spring offers us quality over quantity. Many of last year’s best shows debuted in the spring and that very well could be the case once again this year. So once again, let me take you through what new mid-season shows to watch, and which ones to avoid.

Watch This


Those Who Kill- A&E. Monday, March 3. 10 ET


those who kill This one is very interesting to me. The story is about a recently promoted homicide detective that enlists the aid of a forensic psychologist and together they track down serial killers. The ongoing plot will be the lead character’s unrelenting search for answers in the disappearance of her brother. Its a bit to close to a procedural for my comfort but at least there will be a continuing story. It very much reminds me of The Blacklist, only much darker and, sadly, minus James Spader. I don’t love Chloe Sevigny, but I think the show will carry her.






Believe – NBC. Special Premiere Monday, March 10, 10 ET. Returns to regular time slot Sunday, March 16 9 ET. **Best of the Week**



Man I am so excited for this show. I mean, it’s Executive Producers are JJ Abrams and the Academy Award winning Alphonso Cuaron. Also, it’s a super interesting story. A man is broken out of a prison by a priest and is tasked with protecting a young girl that is developing super powers. There are so many different ways this show could go, and I’m excited to go on the journey.





Crisis – NBC. Sunday, March 16 10 ET.



I must admit, when I first saw the quick up-front for this back in the summer, I had really no interest in this show. After seeing the trailer below, it has become one of my most anticipated shows. The show is about a class of kids, all belonging to powerful people including political figures, that are kidnapped and help hostage. They are used as leverage in a massive political conspiracy. This show looks fast paced and fun. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become the new Hostages.



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