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Watch This, Not That – New Shows for the Rest of 2014

Hello again friends and fellow TV addicts! What a great fall season it has been! Sadly, the new shows are drawing to a close. There are a few stragglers here and there though so I wanted to make sure we let you guys know about them. Especially since they all look pretty good! That’s right, not one “Not This” for the rest of the year! Who know, maybe they really did save the best for last?! It’s possible!

Quick explanation for you new readers (welcome!), this is a post that discusses new shows only. Popular returning shows are listed with their date, time, and channel at the bottom so we can be an all inclusive guide for your TV habit. My predictions are based on how I think shows will do in the ratings and if they will get a second season, not if I will like them or not. There are plenty of shows that I think look really good that I also think will get cancelled. I will give my thoughts on each show and my reasons for their prediction. You will also see a quick “Trey Says” line for each show where you get Trey Elliott’s prediction. He will be writing a follow up post each week that will discuss each new show and his thoughts on them and how they are doing in the ratings. That post will cover shows that have been out for two weeks. Look for that tomorrow as he will be discussing shows from this column two weeks ago. It will be titled “WTNT – On Second Thought”, so check it out! At the end of the year, we will tally our predictions and see who comes out on top!

Fear not friends, I will return early in 2015 when some AMAZING new shows will be premiering and will continue to check in all throughout the spring. Until then, happy holidays everyone! Now, on to the predictions!





The Missing – Starz. Saturday November 15, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!


The MissingThis show seems like it is trying very hard to be True Detective in the way it is filmed. There will be two storylines being shown that take place years apart with the same cast of characters. Now, is trying to copy True Detective a bad thing? No, absolutely not. True Detective was hands down the best new show of last year. But I hope that The Missing is able to distinguish itself and stand out in a way. But I’m always a sucker for a mystery and, hey, it’s Starz. This is going to get renewed people.







State of Affairs – NBC. Monday November 17, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


State of AffairsI do worry about this one a little bit. On one hand, I HATE Katherine Heigl, and I have to think America agrees by now. Also, I worry that this is a major network show premiering so late in the season. And at a VERY competitive time slot. However, on the other hand, this show looks like it might be awesome. I love almost any story involving the CIA and spies and political conspiracies. Then, you throw in the fact that this is done by a several people that worked on The Blacklist. I think that is enough for this show to squeak by.








The Librarians – TNT. Sunday December 7

Trey Says: Watch This!


The LibrariansNow keep an open mind when you watch the trailer below. Yes, I know it looks VERY cheesy. But give this show a chance. This is a spinoff series from the three original The Librarian movies that TNT has done. And they looked really cheesy too. But guess what?!? They are pretty damn good! At the very least they are a lot of fun. I think this show will be too. Give this one a try.







Marco Polo – Netflix. Friday December 12, 12:01 AM PST

Trey Says: Watch This!


Marco Polo

Does Netflix ever cancel a show after one season? The answer is no. Never. This was a no brainer. Also, this show looks pretty cool. It is a period piece that will follow the journey of, you guessed it, Marco Polo, and his adventures in the Orient. This was originally a Starz original, but they couldn’t get it together so Netflix grabbed it and made it their own. Expect a lot of strong story telling, some good action, and I wouldn’t be surprised by a good bit of nudity. Most Netflix shows are great. This one will be too.





Ascension – Syfy. Monday December 15, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!


AscensionI have been looking forward to this show for SO LONG. It’s no secret, I love Syfy. But I think this show is going to be great. It’s being billed as a six part mini-series, so this one was a no brainer. Don’t be surprised if this one gets expanded into another “2nd mini-series” if it does well though. Taking place on a secret space ship that was launched in the 60’s, we will join in 180 years later. Their mission was to find another planet to live on, but things obviously start to go awry. Syfy has recently said they want to get back to their roots of hardcore, deep drama sci-fi, and I think they are looking at Ascension as the jumping off point for that initiative.







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