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Watch This, Not That – New Winter/Spring Shows for February 2015

Hello again friends and TV junkies! It’s time once again to look at all the awesome (mostly) new TV shows heading our way for this month! Sweeps are coming soon so we have several new shows to go over, with almost twice the amount coming in March. And that goes along with the large amount of returning shows that are coming back on. Winter/Spring shows rarely get the publicity that Fall shows do, and they are far shorter (10-13 episodes generally), but I do think that more often than not the best TV of the year will be debuting between now and April!

Quick explanation for you new readers (welcome!), this is a post that discusses new shows only. Popular returning shows are listed with their date, time, and channel at the bottom so we can be an all inclusive guide for your TV habit. My predictions are based on how I think shows will do in the ratings and if they will get a second season, not if I will like them or not. There are plenty of shows that I think look really good that I also think will get cancelled. I will give my thoughts on each show and my reasons for their prediction. You will also see a quick “Trey Says” line for each show where you get Trey Elliott’s prediction. He will be writing a follow up post each month that will discuss each new show and his thoughts on them and how they are doing in the ratings. That post will cover shows that have been out for the previous month. Look for his followup post for January soon. It will be titled “WTNT – On Second Thought”, so check it out! At the end of the year, we will tally our predictions and see who comes out on top!

Now, on to the predictions!





Allegiance – NBC. Thursday February 5, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!

allegianceThis show is basically a mixture of The Americans and Homeland that has been put on a major network. Will it be as good as either of those shows? Doubtful. But that doesn’t mean it will be bad. Those are two of the best shows on TV and if Allegiance can be even half as good, it will be better than most network TV. Sure, an NBC show is going to much more tame than anything on FX and especially more than Showtime. But nudity and violence isn’t what makes shows like this great. And NBC has already shown they know how to pick a good spy drama in State of Affairs (though to be fair, that show is almost sure to be cancelled). Also working in this show’s favor, one of the most watch shows on TV, The Blacklist, is debuting on it’s new night and time and will serve as a very strong lead in for Allegiance. I think you are safe to watch this show!




Better Call Saul – AMC. Sunday February 8, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!

better call saulI just don’t see how it is possible for this show to fail. Not only is it a spinoff of one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time (Breaking Bad), it has the highest rated show in cable TV history as it’s lead in (The Walking Dead). If there has ever been a recipe for success, that is it. My only worry is that this show is a comedy, which obviously is a far cry from what Breaking Bad was. Can it still hold most of Breaking Bad’s former audience? Surely not all, but enough at least. And I have a feeling that this show will draw in lots of people that weren’t fans of it’s parent show. Simply because it will be a smart comedy. There aren’t many good ones of those around these days. Plus this is the network that kept The Killing around for 3 seasons. I wouldn’t worry about this show at all.




 Fresh Off the Boat – ABC. Tuesday February 10, 8 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!!


Fresh-Off-the-BoatLet’s face it. This has been a really weak year for new sitcoms. Most have already been cancelled. Selfie was the only one that I have really liked and it got canned. Marry Me is okay and it is heading for cancellation. Black-ish is the only success so far and it’s also just okay. So to say that I have been excited for Fresh Off the Boat, which was my most anticipated comedy coming into the year, would be a big understatement. We get to cheat a little on this one, as they actually debuted the show on Wednesday February 4th. The ratings were stellar. The second biggest sitcom debut of the year. But this is far from a slam dunk. Ratings always drop off in the second week and ABC is moving the show to it’s regular timeslot. And Tuesday at 8 on ABC is a death slot for comedies. And several people will not be aware of the time change. On the plus side, I really enjoyed the show and laughed often. I’m taking a gamble on this one, but I say watch this.



The Slap – NBC. Thursday February 12, 8 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!!


TheSlap_ShowWords can’t describe how much I don’t want to watch this. The main reason it’s here is because it’s a mini-series, so there is virtually no chance they pull it off the air before it finishes. On the plus side, this is an AMAZING cast. The downside? Everything else. The story sounds awful. Literally the entire show is about how an adult loses his cool and slaps an unruly child that isn’t his and then we follow how it unravels the entire family. Sound fun? No? Didn’t think so. Watch if you must. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Bosch – Amazon Instant. Friday February 13 (All episodes available at midnight)

Trey Says: Watch This!


BoschLet’s hear it for our first Amazon Instant show to make the list! And for Amazon’s first ever journey into the hour long scripted drama world! Amazon’s journey into original programming got off to a rough start. Most of the shows were truly awful. But then they put out Transcendence and struck gold. Bosch is the perfect show to keep that momentum going as they branch into the hour-long drama field. It has a wonderful cast with a really cool story. We will follow a detective who is after a serial killer while he himself is being accused of murder. I would like to see Amazon throw a little more advertising its way, but I think even moderate numbers will snag it a second season.






The Odd Couple – CBS. Thursday February 19, 8:30 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!!


the-odd-coupleI’m really torn about this one. I can easily see this show being a big hit. But I can also see 100 reasons why it will bomb. I’m choosing the latter. For Matthew Perry’s sake, I hope I’m wrong. CBS is a ratings monster, and they expect a lot out of all their shows. So The Odd Couple will need to hit big. The trailer looks just awful. Like one of the worst I have ever seen. But I have thought the same of several CBS comedies that are still going. Plus, this is the third iteration of The Odd Couple. I know it’s been awhile, but will people still flock to it because of it’s name. Or will they be tired of it or hold the old versions in too high esteem? Look, the cast is amazing. Matthew Perry and Tom Lennon are both wonderfully talented. And Matthew Perry has to have a success at some time right? I’m not betting on it but I’m rooting for you Chandler.






The Blacklist – NBC. Thursday February 5, 9 PM ET (Winter Premier, new night and time)
Bitten – Syfy. Saturday February 7, 9 PM ET
The Walking Dead – AMC. Sunday February 8, 9 PM ET (Winter Premier)
Vikings – History. Thursday February 19, 10 PM ET
House of Cards – Netflix. Friday February 27 (All episodes available at midnight)

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