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Watch This, Not That – New Winter/Spring Shows for March 2015

Hello again friends and TV junkies! It’s time once again to look at all the awesome (mostly) new TV shows heading our way for this month! March is the busiest month we have seen for new TV since last October so we have a lot to go over. Winter/Spring shows rarely get the publicity that Fall shows do, and they are far shorter (10-13 episodes generally), but I do think that more often than not the best TV of the year will be debuting between now and the end of April!

Quick explanation for you new readers (welcome!), this is a post that discusses new shows only. Popular returning shows are listed with their date, time, and channel at the bottom so we can be an all inclusive guide for your TV habit. My predictions are based on how I think shows will do in the ratings and if they will get a second season, not if I will like them or not. There are plenty of shows that I think look really good that I also think will get cancelled. I will give my thoughts on each show and my reasons for their prediction. You will also see a quick “Trey Says” line for each show where you get Trey Elliott’s prediction. He will be writing a follow up post each month that will discuss each new show and his thoughts on them and how they are doing in the ratings. That post will cover shows that have been out for the previous month. Look for his followup post for February soon. It will be titled “WTNT – On Second Thought”, so check it out! At the end of the year, we will tally our predictions and see who comes out on top!

Now, on to the predictions!




The Last Man on Earth – FOX. Sundays 9:30 PM ET (Premier already aired)

Trey Says: Watch This

The Last Man on EarthThis is easily the bravest new show of the year. Making a comedy about a desolate future where all of humanity has died except for one person is not easy. You have to make a long running Castaway where the comedy outweighs all the other elements. However, Will Forte is just amazing and I really believe that with good writing, they can pull this off. It could also be a disaster however. And I don’t love it’s timeslot. Ask Mulaney how Sunday nights treated it. I have had the luxury of already seeing the first two episodes of this though, and I have to say that they were absolutely brilliant. Ratings opened fairly strong, but it will be interesting to see if it can hold it’s ratings. It is a bit of a gamble, but I’m going to go ahead and say watch this.




CSI: Cyber – CBS. Wednesday March 4, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!!

CSI-Cyber-LogoAnother year, another CSI or NCIS. And guess what? It will succeed just like every one of them do. Will it be good? Probably not. Does it matter? No. People love these shows. What people? Old people. Keep doing your thing CBS. Whatever works for you. You are determined to revive James Van der Beek’s career and God bless you for it.







Dig – USA. Thursday March 5, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!!


I have REALLY been looking forward to this one! Anybody that follows me on here will know immediately that this show falls right in my wheelhouse of what I love. It is a murder mystery that turns into a centuries old conspiracy. It takes place in Israel and will uncover an “unholy” 2000 year old conspiracy. Think of National Treasure or The Da Vinci Code. Throw in Jason Isaacs as your star and I’m in! This is an “event series” so we can watch and know that we are getting a conclusion to this story. If it does well, it’s likely they will renew it and just write in a new mystery/conspiracy to uncover. This was supposed to air in the fall but war in Israel delayed shooting and actually got us four more episodes that originally planned. Watch this with no worry!




Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix. Friday, March 6. (All Episodes Available)

Trey Says: Watch This!!

unbreakable-kimmy-schmidtTheoretically, I should be looking forward to this show. It has Ellie Kemper from The Office in it who I really like and it is written by Tina Fey, who I love. In reality though, I just can’t get pumped for this show. The premise is REALLY out there. The show is about a woman that has lived her entire life with a doomsday cult underground, thinking that the world has ended. Then she is rescued and thrown into the world with a gay male roommate. Look, I’m all for original plots, but this may just be a bit too out there. Evidently NBC thought so too. They debuted this show during their upfronts last year and then dropped it before scheduling it. Netflix then quickly scooped it up and renewed the show before they even aired it. So if this show looks like something you would want to watch, go right ahead. There will be a second season for sure.



The Returned – A&E. Monday March 9, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!!

**Best of the Month**

the returnedI am PUMPED for this show! This is a show that is being remade from the critically acclaimed and award winning French show “Les Revenants”, which is available now on Netflix. I have watched the first two episodes of that and loved it. But right after I finished the second episode, I saw the announcement that A&E was remaking the show in English. So I just decided to wait so I didn’t have to read subtitles. I’m very cultured I know. This show features a group of kids killed on a school bus that start coming back a year later and the mystery that surrounds them. A&E is hungry for another successful original scripted drama, and they are airing it after their most successful show in Bates Motel. Watch this show!



Powers – PSN. Tuesday March 10. (First 3 episodes become available, one released each Tuesday after through April)

Trey Says: Not This!!

powersI will be honest. I have NO idea what to expect from this show. Mainly because the trailers show us virtually nothing. What I do know is that it is based on a pretty popular graphic novel that focuses on a police division that is tasked with policing superheros and supervillians. I also know that Sharlto Copely is the star, who I love. I also suspect that Sony and Playstation will want to taut this as a success so I would be very surprised if this didn’t get a second season. When that will be, I have no idea. Video game console TV shows are a pretty new world for us all, but hopefully a good one.




Bloodline – Netflix. Friday March 20. (All episodes will be available)

Trey Says: Watch This!!

bloodlineYet another show that I basically know nothing about. Kyle Chandler stars as the eldest son of the Rayburn family, who own a exclusive resort in the Florida Keys where they all live. Then everything changes when the fourth sibling, his younger brother returns. Basically this looks like a dark family drama. From everything I can tell, think Dallas or Dynasty for a new age. The one thing I do know? Netflix renews every one of their shows for at least a second season. Until they prove me wrong, I will continue to say watch this to every new show of theirs.








Battle Creek – CBS. Sundays, 10 PM ET. (Pilot Already Aired)

Trey Says: Not This!!

**Worst of the Month**

battlecreekFrom the moment I read the description of this show I was out. Then I saw a trailer, and I was still out. Now I have watched the first episode. Guess what? I could not be more out! Look, I’m not much of a procedural guy. I admit that. But there is nothing original about this show. It’s about a pair of mismatched cops in a hard city. Nothing original here. I love the cast but the writing is terrible. Everyone just seems very awkward throughout. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets cut before all it’s episodes air. It started off very poorly and CBS doesn’t mess around with that. Don’t watch this.




Secrets & Lies – ABC. Sundays, 9 PM ET (Pilot already aired)

Trey Says: Not This!!

secrets and liesThis is one of those shows that I hope I’m wrong about. They aired the first two episodes last week, and I have to admit that I am pretty hooked. I am a sucker for a good murder mystery. The ratings were okay, good enough to warrant renewal, but I’m just not sure that it will hold those ratings. In fact, I would be shocked if it did. Very few shows do. I love the premise though. A little boy is murdered in a nice neighborhood and the man that found him while jogging is soon suspected of being the murderer. We see how it affects his life and how all of the dirty secrets between him and his family and neighbors come in to play. Ryan Phillippe is solid as the lead and Juliette Lewis is about as Juliette Lewis is capable of being. This was planned as an anthology series where we would see a new cast and new mystery each year. (Think True Detective on HBO or Fargo or American Horror Story on FX). So you can rest easy knowing that you will see the full mystery play out this season if you invest your time in it. But with them publicly saying that they had originally planned for multiple seasons if the numbers were good, I can’t endorse this show. I think this will be it’s only season.



American Crime – ABC. Thursday March 5, 10 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!!

American CrimeThis was a hard one to call for me. This show has a pretty good cast and the EPs and writers have a pretty excellent pedigree. But there is something about this show that I just can’t get behind. I have seen the first episode and it seems like they are just trying too hard at times. I love the way the story is presented to us. The story revolves around a home invasion gone wrong where a war veteran is killed and his wife is beaten. We then follow the story all the way through the trial. The story bounces around both the victim’s and criminal’s family and friends, and is used to shed light on issues like racial profiling, class, and gender politics. It’s certainly ambitious, I am just no longer certain they will pull it off. The pilot numbers were pretty good, so maybe I’m wrong, but I’m predicting a sharp drop off in the ratings in the next few weeks.




iZombie – The CW. Tuesday March 17, 9 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!!

izombieI really want to like this show. I do. But a few things are throwing me off. One, the trailer is exactly what I didn’t want it to be. It was very cheesy and took away the coolness factor. Two, with CW renewing Beauty and the Beast, it can pick up one more show for the rest of the year at best. And while iZombie probably has a better shot that the April show The Messengers (which looks really good), I’m just not sure it will make it. I love the premise though. It’s based on a graphic novel of the same name and follows a young medical examiner that is turned into a zombie. But she can still function for the most part like a regular person, only she has to eat brains. She feeds on bodies in the morgue and discovers that when she eats peoples brains, she gains their last memories. She then uses this to solve crimes. It’s a fun premise and I have enjoyed the books that I have read from the series. And the CW still skews young and they have it airing with a strong lead-in in the returning The Flash, so we will see. For now though, don’t watch this.



 One Big Happy – NBC. Tuesday March 17, 9:30 PM ET

Trey Says: Not This!!

one big happy

Well this show just looks terrible. Can we stop with the gimmicky gay family comedy? It’s not a taboo subject anymore really. You don’t have to have some crazy situation happening. If you want to do it right, look at Modern Family. Its just a family comedy that has a set of gay dads. Yet this show thought it was necessary for a straight man to decide to have a baby with his lesbian best friend and then fall in love with a straight woman and marry her right when he finds out his best friend is pregnant. Ugh. But if the show is funny, dumb premises won’t matter. Sadly, this show does not look funny. Like at all. It makes me sad. I really do love Elisha Cuthbert. This show does have one thing going for it though. NBC has cancelled basically every comedy they have this year. With two left to debut on their schedule including this show, just decent ratings will lead to one or maybe even both of them being picked up. And then probably cancelled next year. Best case scenario is that this is this year’s About a Boy. My money is that is doesn’t make it that far. Don’t watch this.



Weird Loners – FOX. Tuesday March 31, 9:30 PM ET

Trey Says: Watch This!!

werid lonersI give this show ZERO chance of success. Why? First off, late season FOX comedy debuts just never really go anywhere. Second, this show is less than a month away and we still don’t have a trailer for it. That doesn’t scream confidence in this show. Plus, FOX only ordered 6 episodes for the first season. Its a show about 4 30ish young people that struggle in relationships that find friendship in each other. Yup, generic and boring. This show is going to be DOA. I’m not sure that it will even make it through it’s full 6 episodes.







The Following – FOX. Monday March 2, 9 PM ET
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC. Tuesday March 3, 9 PM ET
Bates Motel – A&E. Monday March 9, 9 PM ET
Bones – FOX. Thursday March 26, 8 PM ET

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