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Weekly Rumor Wrap Up – February 8-15th

Welcome Back Free For All readers! Its time for you to become informed about the biggest Rumors making their way around the net. Lots of big new this week, so prepare yourselves for all the most awesome news about movies, games, and tech! Here we go! STAR WARS Star Wars is first on the list again this week, and as we draw closer to the December 2013 release date without any official news on the matter there are plenty of rumors flying around for fans to be speculating on. Lucasfilm production First up comes directly from the Lucasfilm website. A complete sitewide overhaul was done this week, and under the production area of the site, what looks to be a photo of a production meeting for Episode VII, with JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy both present in the photo. If you Squint, and look really hard, you can see what looks like concept art on the back wall. One of the biggest things that sticks out on the wall is arguably the most iconic spaceship in the entire cineverse. The Millennium Falcon. Also present in the photograph are production designer Rick Carter, and senior visual effects supervisor John Knoll. It looks like the Falcon is on its way to a desert like planet, and also in the upper right picture you can see Obi Wan. Will he be part of the new trilogy as well? Lucasfilm art Another big Star Wars rumor to note comes from a report by HitFix claiming Episode VII’s principal casting is finished, and the shooting schedule is locked in for May to September, keep tuned in to Free4Geeks.com for any official Star Wars casting announcements very soon! MARVEL Rocket and Groot Marvel’s highly anticipated story of the cosmic group of warriors known as The Guardians of the Galaxy will be hitting theaters this year in August, but we still have yet to see a trailer aside from the comic con test footage. This week, via the Alberta Film Ratings website that a trailer has been submitted, reviewed, and given a PG rating with a runtime of 2:23. On top of that Yahoo! Singapore tweeted that the trailer would drop on Tuesday the 18th. The tweet was promptly removed and replaced with a different teaser for Guardians. I can guarantee I’ll be sitting by the computer all day just in case it is released, and as soon as it is, We will have it up here on Free4Geeks. Black Widow Kevin Feige had an interview this week with Total Film magazine, and perked a few ears when he talked about Black Widow in Age of Ultron, and the possibility of her own solo film. Said Feige,

“Black Widow’s part in that is very big. We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film. The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that.”

Marvel does have a few unannounced films with release date, and supposedly movies planned until 2021, but there is no word on one of those unannounced films being a Black Widow solo film. With most of the main storylines for Cap, Thor, and Iron man hitting the trilogy mark, it would make sense that Marvel would start exploring new franchises, and they have shown their teeth with Guardians due out this year and Ant-Man the next, but right now, everything past Ant-Man is up in the air. NOAH noah According to Badassdigest, Darren Aronofsky’s big biblical film Noah, has screened six different cuts, and the studio ultimately decided that the director’s cut will be the version that screens in theaters, however this is still unconfirmed by the studio. Apparently though, that version is the most controversial one. People of the more conservative type will probably be upset by the darker depiction of the character, and it is very likely that a few changes will be made to the sunday school story which will surely upset some people. However, this is Aronofsky’s dream project, so there is no telling how many liberties he has taken, or how much he has kept the same. The final cut of the film hits theaters March 28. Lots of big news this week! We would love to discuss any and all of it with you in the comics, or even on twitter! Let us know what you think, we want to know!

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