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Who Are The Guardians Of The Galaxy?

There weren’t too many new rumors making their way around the internet this week, so instead of the usual weekly rumor wrap up we here at Free For All thought that all the big news coming out of Marvel this week may need a little bit of explaining. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the machine gun toting raccoons!

The trailer for Marvel’s highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy dropped this week and immediately went viral. The hashtag #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy made it’s way into Twitter’s worldwide trending topics, and the buzz for James Gunn‘s newest Marvel branded film has never been higher!

If you’ve never heard of this group of misfits until now, you aren’t alone. Marvel is taking a huge risk here with a basically unknown property. Its not like they haven’t done so before with a relative unknown. Their first in house film in 2008 made Iron Man a household name and an instantly beloved superhero. The Guardians, however are much deeper into the land of obscurity than Iron Man was at the time, so unless you are a die-hard fan of comic books you probably have no idea who these guys are.

The trailer certainly made huge waves when it premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, which means this big gamble could possibly pay off for the studio, and even pave the way for even more cosmic heroes such as Nova or Captain Marvel.

You're welcome

You’re welcome

In the wake of all the hype and Buzz, Marvel released the first official poster (seen above), and a few short clips giving a small introduction of each team member and a little bit of behind the scenes info with the actors. We even got to hear Rocket’s voice (which was very much missed in the trailer). We’ve got the clips, and just in case you want to read up on the crew before making your way to the theater, a short history on each of the characters as well.

Star Lord a.k.a. Peter Quill

Peter Quill was born in Colorado to Meredith Quill after his father, Jason, Prince of Spartax crash landed on Earth and Meredith nursed him back to health. The two fell in love, and for fear of endangering his newfound love and his son Jason fled back into the depths of the universe. Peter grew up fascinated with space under the care of his mother. In an attempt to gain the throne of Spartax and eliminate Jason’s family, Jason’s uncle Gareth hired an Ariguan to kill Peter and his Mother. Peter was able to escape and went on to work for NASA where he was able to transport himself into the far reaches of space and seek revenge for the death of his mother as he became the legendary outlaw Star Lord.


Gamora is described as the most deadly assassin in the universe. She is the last of the Zen-Whoberi, and was found by Thanos as an infant after the Universal Church of Truth annihilated her people. Thanos adopted her as his daughter, and brought her to her peak physical form, while also making a few augmentations to boost her power. Thanos sent her to assassinate the Magus, and upon her return she realized how evil Thanos was, so she turned against him. She was defeated, but when she died Adam Warlock put her soul into the soul gem. Eventually she was brought back to life and joined up with the Guardians.

Drax The Destroyer

Drax didn’t always look like he does. His name used to be Arthur Sampson Douglas and he used to destroy some saxaphone back when he was a human. He and his family were killed by Thanos while driving through the mojave desert. Kronos used his astral form to create a superhuman warrior to defeat Thanos. He then traveled across the galaxy seeking revenge on Thanos, eventually joining up with Quill and the team.


Groot is a huge tree like being known as the Flora Colossus. His origins are unknown and his race was thought to be extinct. He has been on multiple teams including Nick Fury’s howling commandos, Star Lord’s team that took on the Phalanx during Annihilation, and of course, The Guardians of the Galaxy. During Annihilation, Groot sacrificed himself to defeat the Phalanx, but Rocket Raccoon saved him by planting a branch in a pot, allowing him to re-grow. The only thing that anyone has ever heard Groot say in english is the phrase, “I am Groot!”

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is a genetically enhanced animal with the ability to talk. He was created in the Keystone Quadrant which he calls home. He is a master military strategist and an expert on explosives and heavy arms. He and Groot have a very close relationship, with Groot acting as Rocket’s muscle. He has a short temper, a cocky attitude, and is very dangerous with a gun. He, along with Groot is sure to capture the heart of the audience, and director James Gunn has referred to Rocket as the heart of the movie.

Thanos Avengers post credits.

Thanos is said to have a role in the movie, and with all of his ties to the main characters, he is sure to make an appearance, and even possibly build off of his short post-credits Avengers scene. Guardians of the Galaxy is amping up to be one of the hottest movies of the summer, and there is a good possibility it has the potential to be the surprise blockbuster hit. Marvel is taking a very big risk with this movie, and if it pays off, you can expect to see even more of the Guardians and their cosmic counterparts.

Dont forget to watch the trailer here, and let us know in the comments what you think of all the Guardians information coming out of Marvel this week!


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