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Witcher 3’s Unplanned Leak

Well, it appears as though big things have been revealed for the upcoming game, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, it wasn’t by choice. Someone hacked into an employee’s Google drive who works for CD Projekt Red and opted the stolen documents and posted them all over Reddit. These documents show characters, story points, maps, and even the story’s ending. The developers have gone on the record advising people to steer clear of these stolen items. For the sake of spoilers (apparently these docs reveal a lot), I won’t be posting any of the documents here, but if you don’t care and curiosity is killing you then follow the link on over to Reddit and check it out!

What I will say about this unplanned reveal, is that there is a cool look at the game’s monsters and the game’s map. The map shows a massive 64 km (39.7 miles) layout which is impressively large. That’s what she said.

Check back with us as we bring you some awesome news every day! In the meantime, check out the game’s trailer!

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    Dude…SUPER stoked for this game!