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WoW: Warlords of Draenor Pre-Order Gets You to Level 90


Still playing World of Warcraft? Congrats! You’re quite the loyal gamer!For you, and the millions just like you, Blizzard will be releasing yet another expansion to the most successful MMO of all time, entitled Warlords of Daenor. Today, they announced the pre-order incentive for spending your hard earned dollars early.

As soon as pre-orders begin, which according to Blizzard will be quite soon, you can put money down on the game and be given the ability to upgrade one of you WoW character to level 90 instantly. That’s correct, not when the expansion releases, but as soon as you pre-order.

Blizzard also announced today that it will be testing, and soon plans to release, an option which would allow players to level any of their character to level 90 if they’re willing to pay to do so. It’s an interesting idea in a gaming landscape now littered with free-to-play games and more micro transactions than you can count. And speaking as someone who admittedly doesn’t play WoW, I don’t know if I’m in love with the idea.

So would you pay to get to level 90? Will you be picking up Warlords of Draenor? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • David Wright

    Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention. This is hardly the first time they’ve offered things like this. I got an invitation to come back when Mists of Pandaria came out because I didn’t resub immediately. As a result I could any character boosted up to 85 then, including a new level one character, as long as it wasn’t a monk, because they were new and they wanted everyone who played a monk to go thru the content. They’ll also offer like double and quadruple experience for you and a buddy to get them to sign up, etc. Endgame is where all the real time is spent, auto level in to 90 is trivial.

  • David Wright

    In regards to your concern about paying your way to level 90, I don’t think this is a problem. At least not for this game (or probably most MMO’s). In WoW and most MMO’s, the “real” game doesn’t start until you hit max level.

    Take WoW before any expansions. Level cap was 60. You played the game, going thru quests, dungeons, and exploration, and got some story and lore, up until the end, and as you progressed would gain and replace gear as necessary. Once you hit the level cap and start doing the “endgame” that’s where you truly start looking for the armor that you’re going to “keep” because it’s “the best.” When you hear people talking about raiding schedules and that not, it’s basically repeatedly going through dungeons in order for players to find that perfect piece of gear that they’re looking for, until they get it and move to the next piece of gear they want.

    When an expansion comes out, the level cap is raised, along with max stats and everything you would assume goes with leveling up even further. As a result, you are replacing all of your “best” equipment from the last expansion within hours of playing just by way of crappy quest rewards. With each expansion, this process happens over and over again. This is why when I play WoW now I play it for about 2 months, go thru all the content, and just get gear good enough so that I can at least make my way thru all of the dungeons, and then quit when I’ve seen it all. I don’t redo dungeons over and over looking for a perfect set of gear. If my gear is good enough to go through the content, I don’t need to waste time doing the same shit again.

    Now if you wanted to make a new character, you’d start from level 1, and have to go through the content of the original game (which has had a makeover because of Cataclysm), as well as each expansions, just to get to the new content that everyone is already at or has been grinding for months/years. So for someone who used to play and wants to play again, or someone who wants to try a different class, I think something like that is perfect, because all you are doing is bypassing the grind just to get to the “real” part of the game.

    In other games, having a way to level without doing any work or whatever would be broken. But the way WoW works, all it is really doing is letting you bypass what would normally be a timesink just for Blizzard to get you to play longer and thus give them more money. This is the same thing, just done in one lump sum and not over the course of a month or 3 or however long it normally takes to get up to max level.

    And if you’re curious about timeframes. It would probably take me about 2 months of what I consider “normal” WoW playing to get to max level. It could take me another year or two to get all the “best” gear once I do reach max level.

    So basically, playing is like a normal highway, and this option is like paying for the Toll Road to get to your destination quicker. Long winded sorry, but I felt the need to explain WoW progression in order to understand how this isn’t like paying to level/win in other games.