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Wrapup: EA Gamescom Conference

It’s time for Europe’s version of E3, Gamescom. And this morning (for those of us here on the East Coast anyways) EA took the stage to deliver some news and some new looks at previously announced games. Here’s a recap of everything they had to offer.

They opened the show with the previously announced, but not yet shown Sims 4. Sims 4 will be coming to PC and Mac next year. We also got to see a cool CG trailer as well as come gameplay. It looks like the level of finite control you’ll have in both creating your world and controlling the Sims within it will be more advanced than ever. Here’s the CG trailer:


(Provided by IGN)



Next up was Command & Conquer: Generals 2, which got a live demo and looks pretty cool for and C&C fans out there. This is EA’s run at a free to play C&C game.

Then we got to see out first look at BioWare’s forthcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. This game not only looks incredible, but to hear the fine folks at BioWare talk about their plans for a next-gen RPG are extremely exciting. Check out this Developer Diary!


(Provided by IGN)


Some of the most interesting news of the day came from PopCap today, as they detailed their next two games, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Peggle 2. The biggest news for both of these titles? They will both be either console exclusive, or a timed console exclusive, for Xbox. PvZ: Garden Warfare is also getting “Boss Mode”, a feature that utilizes Smart Glass and is exclusive to the Xbox One.


(Provided by lzuniy)


Next in line was Ea Sport’s new UFC title coming next year. While I’m not much for MMA generally. this game looks incredible. Look for a trailer soon, as no footage has been provided at this time.

We also for to see some brand new, crazy looking gameplay for Respawn’s Titanfall, a game that makes me as giddy as a school girl. The combination of shooting, mechs, and free running looks like more fun than one man can handle!

(Provided by TitanfallGame)


We then got a Battlefield 4 update, showing a bunch of gamers talking about playing the demo and how awesome that was, and a lot of marketing spin. The actual news here though is Battlefield Premium. Unlike the Battlefield 3 iteration, that just simply got you all of the game’s map packs, Premium for Battlefield 4 is getting you all of that content and then some, including two-week early access to all new maps, exclusive personalization options, priority position in serve queues, new content every week, and 12 bonus battlepacks. It would seem EA is making another run at the Call of Duty train this year.

A few last-minute mentions are Need for Speed: Rivals, which seems to be shaping up quite nicely, and FIFA 14, which will be getting an impressive looking mobile version, and the big news that every Xbox One pre-order in Europe will come with a copy of FIFA 14. Could this mean that North America should expect a yet to be revealed game with its version of the next-gen system as well? We here in the states can only hope!

And that was it from EA at Gamescom 2013. Stay tuned to Free4Geeks.com for more Gamescom news including Sony and Microsoft news, as well as plenty of Gamescom talk on tomorrow’s new show. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of all this EA news in the comments below!




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