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WTNT On Second Thought – New Shows from Oct 6-12

Welcome back to On Second Thought! For those joining us for the first time, make sure you first check out Evan’s Watch This, Not That post (link below)! This is basically a follow-up that looks at the shows and our predictions for those shows. The column will be broken down into two basic parts.

First, I’ll look at how the show is doing in terms of raw numbers. I’ll be using the show’s ratings in the adult 18-49 category and the estimated number of viewers to see how the show is stacking up against other shows on its network. Keep in mind, a show is really only competing against other show on the same network, not shows from other, competing networks, despite the fact that it often feels that way.

Second, I’ll give you my own personal thoughts on each show. Consider this a more summarized version of the First Impression reviews we used to do here at Free For All. This, of course, has little bearing on whether the show will live or die on the small screen, but it may give you a sense of why a show is tanking or let you know that, despite possible cancellation, you should watch a particular show (think Trophy Wife from last year).

This is all just a guessing game, and there’s a little luck involved, but Evan and I love television, and love making bets, so this is basically our favorite part of every week. Feel free to play along and guess which or your favorite new shows will survive!

Evan’s initial “Watch This, Not That” post can be found here!


Flash logo The Flash (CW)

 My First Thoughts: Watch This
 Evan’s First Thoughts: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

Week 1: 1.9 adults 18-49 rating/4.83 mil viewers

Week 2: 1.7 adults 18-49 rating/4.27 mil viewers

By CW standards The Flash is off to one hell of a start. It is outpacing its big brother Arrow right now, and even beat out ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last week. With the CW having such success with these DC Comics franchises, I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing The Flash going anywhere, anytime soon.

My Second Thoughts:

I’ll have a full First Impressions post on The Flash later this week or this weekend, so look for that for my more elaborate thoughts on the show. But my very quick though are these — the show has an extremely well-built world with only two episodes under its belt, The dialogue is a bit cheesy but not in a way that every really bothers me, and while there is an occasional bad effects shot, the show over all does pretty incredible things in terms of visuals with it’s pretty low-budget.



OST The AffairThe Affair (Showtime)

 My First Thought: Watch This
 Evan’s First Thought: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

Week 1: 2.5 mil viewers including Live +3 and OnDemand numbers

Week 2: N/A

Showtime does not provide ratings in the same way as the networks, as we talked about in last week’s post, but they do usually give out their viewer numbers eventually. I was able to drum up a count for premiere of The Affair, and the numbers are very promising. The number above is Live +3 (that’s those watching the show Live, plus anyone who watched for the following three days via repeat airings, DVR, or other official means) are the strong of any Showtime drama to date, and that’s no small feat. As long as the show can hold its ground, I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

My Second Thoughts:

For reasons that are my own, I don’t always love stories that center around adultery; I often find it hard to root for any of the characters involved. But despite this, I find The Affair to be brilliant thus far. Told in two parts, with 30 minutes focusing on the male lead’s interpretation and the other 30 minutes on the female lead’s view, the show is downright masterful in its attention to detail. In the male’s half of the show, a girl might be wearing a revealing dress, while in the female’s half, that same girl might be wearing a sweater. I makes you really want to pay attention so you’d don’t miss anything. Add to this an intriguing mystery and some really great performances, and you have a show that took me pleasantly by surprise.



OST CristelaCristela (ABC)

 My First Thought: Not This
 Evan’s First Thought: Not This

What the Ratings Say:

Week 1: 1.3 adults 18-49 rating/6.51 mil viewers

Week 2: 1.2 adults 18-49 rating/5.99 mil viewers

For a Friday sitcom, Cristela isn’t doing to poorly at all. It’s no shining star mind you, but it’s holding its own, and there is something to be said for that. If it can keep that up, is stands a chance of making the cut, though I wouldn’t place any bets just yet.

My Second Thoughts:

Cristela is alright. That sort of sums up my feelings on the show in their entirety. It’s decently acted for a sitcom on NBC, a joke or two landed, but nothing that made me want to come back, and I wasn’t fat out offered by how awful it was, which is what I was expecting going in based on trailers. But with a dozen new sitcoms this fall alone, Cristela’s boring premise and hot or miss writing just isn’t something that impressed, and so what I’ve watched thus far, two episodes, will be the end of the line for Cristela and I. You might want to consider doing the same.

Check back next Tuesday when we cover another week’s worth of shows, including . Also, if you need a refresher on ratings, you can find a very quick and easy explanation here.

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