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WTNT On Second Thought – New Shows From Sept 15-21

Welcome back to On Second Thought! For those joining us for the first time, make sure you first check out Evan’s Watch This, Not That post (link below)! This is basically a follow-up that looks at the shows and our predictions for those shows. The column will be broken down into two basic parts.

First, I’ll look at how the show is doing in terms of raw numbers. I’ll be using the show’s ratings in the adult 18-49 category and the estimated number of viewers to see how the show is stacking up against other shows on its network. Keep in mind, a show is really only competing against other show on the same network, not shows from other, competing networks, despite the fact that it often feels that way.

Second, I’ll give you my own personal thoughts on each show. Consider this a more summarized version of the First Impression reviews we used to do here at Free For All. This, of course, has little bearing on whether the show will live or die on the small screen, but it may give you a sense of why a show is tanking or let you know that, despite possible cancellation, you should watch a particular show (think Trophy Wife from last year).

This is all just a guessing game, and there’s a little luck involved, but Evan and I love television, and love making bets, so this is basically our favorite part of every week. Feel free to play along and guess which or your favorite new shows will survive!

Evan’s initial “Watch This, Not That” post can be found here!

Red Band OST

Red Band Society (FOX)

My First Thoughts: Watch This
Evan’s First Thoughts: Watch This

What the Ratings Say:

Red Band Society premiered two weeks ago to a decent 1.3 adults 18-49 rating and 4.10 million viewers. It’s second week saw only a small drop, with a 1.1 rating and 3.43 millions viewers. A drop off after a series premiere is to be expected, so this isn’t too much cause for concern. What is cause for concern is that the ratings don’t hold against a lot of FOX’s other shows. Combined that with the fact that the show was green lit by now-former Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly, who left FOX back in June, and that the show is being produced by ABC Studios, who is not working with FOX going forward. These are troubling signs to be sure.

My Second Thoughts:

Red Band Society is a really solid show, despite my back and forth previous to its premiere. The show had a lot to overcome I think, between its large cast of child actors and it’s somewhat depressing setting and subject matter. But despite these challenges, or perhaps because of them, the show succeeded in being really enjoyable. It’s very lighthearted given it’s about a bunch of very sick kids, there is plenty of heart, and most of the performances given are good, some even great. If the show stays on this path, I can easily see if being popular. And since is has a lot working against it, it will certainly need to be.


Mysteries OST


The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

My First Thought: Not This
Evan’s First Thought: Not This

What the Ratings Say:

The Mysteries of Laura premiered with a decent showing, with a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating and 10.19 million viewers, as well a strong second showing, with a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating and a steady 10.1 million viewers. The dip in the ratings is die to the show being slotted into it’s normal 8pm Wednesday spot, versus it’s 10pm slot the week before. Fortunately (for anyone who has seen this disaster of a show), the show is still on the fence. It premiered against five other dramas on NBC, and was the lowest rated of the all. If the rest of NBC’s fall is just as strong, this poor excuse for a show is in trouble. One can only hope…

My Second Thoughts:

Hey, guess what? This show is bad. Like, REALLY bad. The premise is weak to begin with, given that I couldn’t care less about a cop’s zany home life and shitty kids. Plenty of shows have dealt with both the professional and personal lives of characters, but not in this ham-fisted, just because we need to sell you this concept, sort of way. It’s awful, and a touch insulting. Add to that a long list of mediocre performances and writing that belongs on a Saturday morning cartoon, and you have the worst new show of the year. Stop it America, just stop it.


Madam OST

Madam Secretary (CBS)

My First Thought: Not This
Evan’s First Thought: Not This

What the Ratings Say:

Madam Secretary premiered strong, especially considering it’s competition with the NFL and FOX’s Sunday night animation block, with a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating and 14.75 million viewers. It’s second episode saw a dip to a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating and 12.72 million viewers. This is on par with several of CBS’ other dramas, but since other the low ranking shows, it is the only newbie, and not nearly as close to syndication as the other, this puts it in a dangerous spot. Sunday is also one of the toughest nights on television. This one is way to close to call, so choose wisely!

My Second Thoughts:

This show caught me by surprise, I’ll admit. Evan had reported that show was quite boring to him, and CBS dramas are really hit or miss for me in general, so I went in with low expectations. Turns out, Madam Secretary is a really well made show! And also one I really enjoyed. The performances are top-notch (hell, I even thought Téa Leoni), the writing is spectacular, and it’s just all around well put together. It is very slow-paced, so be ready for that, but if you enjoy a good political drama, I think this will be right in your wheelhouse.


Check back next Tuesday when we cover another week’s worth of shows, including . Also, if you need a refresher on ratings, you can find a very quick and easy explanation here.

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