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Xbox One Controller Update

To prepare for Titanfall (those who played the beta will get that joke), Microsoft has added a small manual update for the Xbox One Controller and the new Stereo Headset Adapter attachment that released on march 7th. This update will better sync your headset with your controller so that you can be more prepared to annihilate your foes in Titanfall or whatever your game of choice might be. If new things and/or change frighten you, have no fears! We at free4geeks.com will guide you through this easy process.

  1. Connect your Stereo Headset Adapter to your controller
  2. Connect your stereo headset of choice into the Adapter
  3. Connect your controller to the Xbox One via the packed in USB Cable (or the one that came with your system)
  4. Go to the Xbox One Home Screen
  5. Click the Menu Button (used to be the Start Button…remember that?!?)
  6. Go to Settings
  7. Go to System Settings
  8. Click on Update Controller

The next steps the system will walk you through and are all fairly self-explanatory. The entire process, including the Update, will take only around five minutes. And there you have it! An easy fix that will have you slaying Titans (in your all new Titanfall edition Xbox One) in no time…you’re welcome internet!


If you see this screen, then you're heading in the right direction

If you see this screen, then you’re heading in the right direction


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