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Xbox One Titanfall Controller Unveiled


Update: A few details have now been confirmed. The controller will cost $64.99 and be available a few days before the game, on March 16th. You can also now pre-order the controllers at GameStop and other retailers.

Titanfall is set to be one the the biggest title of 2014, and it’s a mere weeks away from release. That can only mean one thing, themed accessories!

Last week Mad Catz announced several PC accessories that dawn the white and orange that Titanfall loves so dearly. And now Microsoft and Respawn Entertainment have partnered to bring you this limited edition Titanfall controller for Xbox One.


The controller is expected to launch along side the game this March, and while no set price has been given yet, it is believed the controller will cost slight more than the standard $59.99 that an extra Xbox One controller currently does. My humble guess is between $64.99 and $69.99.

Let us know what you think of the controller in the comments below!

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