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Xbox One Update For September Features New Media Viewing Options

As has been customary since the Xbox One was released, Microsoft has prepared an update for September, and now we know some of the details. These updates are now available to users on the preview list and will roll out to everyone in a couple of weeks

This update will feature more media viewing options. The most significant involves the native Xbox One media player. The new update will allow you to watch files on an attached USB and, eventually,via home servers via DLNA ( Digital Living Network Alliance – a standard protocol that enables devices to stream video from a home server). The list of file formats that the new media player will support is actually quite long and is, in fact, more inclusive than the Xbox360. The update is currently limited to view on USB drives at the moment, but the full DLNA support is coming soon.

Other updates include:

  • The ability to boot straight to TV coming out of standby instead of having to go through the dashboard. Along with that comes a mini guide to go along with OneGuide.
  • The ability to stream TV to SmartGlass (although this will be limited to European markets to start) while simultaneously playing games on the XboxOne. The UK, Germany, Italy and Spain will be first to see a new Digital TV Tuner that will allow this feature starting in October.
  • The Party App gets another update allowing you to perform some actions quicker and see what others in your party are doing.
  • Friends will be updated and let you compare your gaming with your friends. A new leaderboard shows how you stack up increasing your Gamerscore over the past 30 days.
  • SmartGlass will get and update that will allow you to post messages, add comments and even record clips.
  • Bandwidth usage is being added in the Network Settings >> Troubleshooting. Useful in markets with data caps by ISPs, this could help see if anythings going on behind the scenes.

Additional minor updates to the console are also included, but these are the most important ones submitted by users. What’s that? Didn’t know YOU could submit for an improvement? Yes, you can submit and idea for an improvement or vote on other submissions to get them moved up in importance. Visit and your submission could be in a future update.

Stay tuned for news on other updates, game releases and reviews.

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