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Xbox One Users Can’t Twitch…Yet

Twitch TV, the overly popular streaming service for internet and PS4 users alike, is coming to Xbox One…but not anytime soon.


Twitch is extremely popular...on the PS4

Twitch is extremely popular…on the PS4


According to the Twitch Twitter feed,

“Xbox One Direct Broadcasting: There is no ETA at this time from Microsoft. Expect a few more months. If we know sooner, we’ll update.”

That’s kind of a bummer to the Xbox Nation who have only Upload Studio to lean on; Upload can only upload videos to your Xbox Live account currently. PS4 owners have had Twitch streaming since the launch of the system and has not only sold a ton of Playstation cameras, but the service has been extremely popular (over 1 in 5 Twitch users use through their PS4!).


Here's what Twitch looks like on the PS4

Here’s what Twitch looks like on the PS4…


Twitch support for the X1 was announced for the first part of 2014, but it appears that a summer release is more probable. When the Twitch app launches, Xbox Live Gold users will be able to upload gameplay directly to Twitch, or broadcast or watch other users’ streams. The Twitch app on Xbox One will also integrate into the Xbox OneGuide and make use of the system’s Snap features. You’ll also be able to grab those oh so desirable achievements for the app, including Hipster (watch one hour of video on channels that have fewer than 10 viewers) and Best Viewer (watch 100 hours of live video) and 8 others.


...and on the Xbox One. Someday

…and on the Xbox One. Someday


We’ll keep you more informed on a solid release date as the news gets passed along.

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