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YouTube to Acquire Twitch

Gamers love Twitch, and Twitch loves gamers. The video game streaming service is so popular among gamers that it’s peek traffic surpasses Facebook, Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, and Tumblr. But that level of popularity has become a double-edged sword for Twitch – they are reaching the point where they can’t sustain the growth, at least not without some help. That’s where Google comes in.


Being 4th on this list is nothing to sneeze at.

Google acquired YouTube back in 2006, and has been competing for Twitch in a bidding war against Microsoft, and reports are saying that Twitch has chosen Google. This seems like a fairly straightforward choice when you think about it. Google owns YouTube and the infrastructure to handle streaming a ton of video, and Microsoft was extremely slow in getting Twitch support for the Xbox One. This could be seen as a reactionary move on Microsoft’s part, and could have an influence on Twitch’s decision.

The buyout is reportedly a $1 billion deal, and once finalized it will be interesting to see what happens to Twitch. My greatest hope is that Google and YouTube give them the help they need on the infrastructure side and then leave them the hell alone. Twitch obviously knows what they’re doing, and what they’re doing doesn’t need anyone getting their grubby mitts all over it. For Google and YouTube’s part, they no doubt hope to get help from Twitch with live streaming on YouTube. So far things that have been live streamed by YouTube have not done well, i.e. the YouTube Music Awards.

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